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Fans are pretty upset about Kylie Jenner’s newest beauty product

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Blushing embarrassing

Most beauty lovers, at least once, have bought a product with a sexy-sounding name. We’ll be the first to admit the NARS blush, named ‘Orgasm’, has always been on our top shelfie – and if you like that shade, you’re probably a fan of ‘Super Orgasm’ too.

After all, it’s well known that sex sells. But that’s not to say we’ll accept just any ol’ provocative name when it comes to purchasing products – especially if it’s borderline inappropes.

And we’re not alone – the Internet is completely up in arms over Kylie Cosmetics’ latest launch. When the brand announced yesterday it is releasing five matte blushes in a range of colours – from a gentle rose through to a bolder burgundy – fans went wild with excitement, until they read the shade names.

While the product names aren’t X-rated as such (one’s called “Barely Legal” and another’s named “Virginity”), the brand has copped a fair amount of flak over its labeling on Twitter.


Some outright called the brand “inappropriate” for its sexualisation of young women, particularly when so many young girls love their products, while others hit out at Kylie directly, saying she should be ashamed of herself.

With the release of the product slated for this Friday, there’s no word yet from cosmetic queen over the controversy.

But as with anything, a little scandal goes a long way and we’re betting this one sells out just like the rest.

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