5 beauty hacks that will make your life easier

Tips, tricks and hacks to make your beauty routine as quick and efficient as possible.

As much as we love beauty, we’ll be the first to admit it can be time-consuming. From blow drying and straightening to skincare and makeup application, looking good does come with a price.  


Source: Glossier

1. Invest in multi-purpose products
If you’re packing beauty items for a holiday and don’t have much space, invest in some multi-purpose products. If you’re really strapped for space or time, you may also want to consider making your own tinted moisturiser: combine a few drops of your foundation with your moisturiser and voilà, a good-to-go face base.

2. Frizzy-hair fix
Got frizzy hair? Spray some hairspray onto a tissue or cotton pad and smooth down flyaways for a chic and smooth ‘do.

3. If your skin feels dehydrated
Keep your body oil in the shower and massage over your skin while it’s still warm and your pores are open. It absorbs so much better and all you have to do once you step out is pat yourself down with a towel.

4. Got tired eyes?
If your tired eyes need a pick-me-up, don’t reach for black eyeliner – try nude instead. Applying a nude liner on your inner rim and waterline will make your eyes look wider and more awake.

5. The solution to cracked feet
Apply a nice hydrating cream on your feet at night (look for products that contain shea butter, jojoba or macadamia oils as these work particularly well) and put cotton socks on top. When you wake up the next morning your feet will feel nice and smooth.

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Words: Bronte Chaperon
Photos: Glossier, Getty Images