2019’s biggest hair and makeup trends according to Pinterest you’ll definitely want to try

While some beauty trends like luscious lashes and red lips never get old, other beauty-related innovations have their fifteen minutes of fame before we forget about them.

Whether you choose to follow trends or would rather do your own thing, the latest Pinterest 100 edit reveals some pretty enticing new trends across makeup, skincare, hair and nails, that you might want to try going into 2019. New year, new you – right?

1. Embracing grey hair

Instead of shying away from grey, why not embrace it? Searches for ‘going grey’ have increased by 879 per cent since last year, as more and more people lust after silver strands.

2. Baby bangs

The next big thing in hair? Baby fringes. The just-above-the-brow crop is trending, having seen a 51 per cent increase in searches for ‘short fringes’.

3. Powder nails

A nail trend you’ll be able to get on board with if you’re obsessed with gel nails but hate the damage, ‘powder dipping’ is a nail technique with a cult following that lasts longer and is easier to remove. Searches for ‘powder-dip nails’ have increased by 442 per cent since last year.

4. Natural lash lifts

Lash lifts are amazing, but the magic doesn’t stay around forever. With a 52 per cent increase in searches for ‘natural lash lifts’, many are opting for natural solutions to lift their lashes using all number of ingredients including castor oil, grapeseed oil and aloe vera.

5. Witch hazel

Witch hazel is becoming a star ingredient when it comes to sorting out skin issues such as acne. The old-school ingredient is a natural alternative to salicylic acid – and has seen a 305 per cent increase in searches.

6. Glossy makeup

Glossy lids and lips continue to dominate with searches for ‘glossy makeup’ increasing by 89 per cent since last year.

7. Red lips

A go-to look, according to Pinterest, is bold red lips paired with barely-there makeup. Searches for ‘standout lip colour’ have increased by 467 per cent.

8. Almond nails

The new nail shape making waves is almond, named after the rounded shape of the nut. Searches for ‘almond nails’ have seen a 97 per cent increase since last year.

10. Lilac locks

This is a shade that’s set to be everywhere this year. Seen on Kylie Jenner, this pastel hair colour trend is growing fast, with searches for ‘lilac hair’ increasing by a huge 1,077 per cent.

This article originally appeared on beautyheaven

Words: Emma Gordon
Images: Pinterest