What are facial rollers and are they legit?

They’re the device celebrities swear by.

An ancient Chinese beauty tool, crystal rollers have come back with a bang into this century and are now a must-have for skincare lovers. But, the question on every beauty buff’s lips: do they really do anything?

What are they?

Face rollers are usually double ended and fitted with long oval-shaped stones, most commonly jade or rose quartz. The larger side is for cheeks, forehead and chin and the smaller stone is for the delicate under eye area. They help reduce swelling, boost circulation and give your complexion an immediate glow.

Still not convinced? Well, Victoria Beckham uses hers as a key part of her skincare routine for infuse moisturising face masks, Alicia Keys’ makeup artist Dotti sticks a jade roller in ice then works it really well into skin to bring it to life and New York facialist Ling Chan uses one on model client Miranda Kerr to tone and tighten her famous face. It’s a yes from us.

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When should I use it?

A roller can be used in either your night or morning routine. The stone is usually cold to touch, so apply for thing for an instant refresh or use it with night serums and oils for extra absorption and relaxation.

How do I use it?

Apply your favourite serum or oil for extra slip, before rolling outwards from the middle of your face, then towards your lymph nodes to help drain fluid, decrease puffiness and flush out toxins. To fake a facelift, roll upwards from jaw to forehead to decrease the look of fine lines and relax your muscles.

This article originally appeared on beautyheaven.

Words: Amy Houlihan
Photos: Bauer Syndication