Bella Hadid has a ‘Finsta’ account for her alter ego and we’re shook

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 Introducing Rebekka Harajuku.

During a recent trip to Japan, Bella Hadid created a fake social media account (otherwise known as a ‘Finsta’ or ‘fake Insta’) for her globetrotting alter ego Rebekka Harajuku.

Sporting a blonde lob with full sweeping bangs, the outgoing Rebekka poses with friends in restaurants and tours new destinations in fashion-forward style; namely Dior and Chanel.

Hadid has never been one to shy away from experimental trends (hello, teeny tiny sunglasses) with a faux social media account being the latest string in her bow.

Rebekka as seen this past weekend in Shibuya, Tokyo. 🇯🇵 📷 @livincool

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‘Finsta’ accounts have been cited as popular creative outlets among teens to enable users to censor access to their private vs their public content, while augmented and computer-generated users post content behind the facade of an avatar. But it appears that Hadid’s guise through Rebekka Harajuku is no more than a creative arena for the model, where she provides an already imposing 20,000 followers a stream of style inspiration.

While the alternative account isn’t rendered as a new concept, it does remind us that Instagram was (and still is) designed for self-expression and exploration and is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of real life.

And also that berets, tube tops and tweed co-ords are still #fetch (but that’s beside the point!). Or is it? 

Rebekka Harajuku and her friend Jenny Nogizaka as seen in Tokyo tonight. 🇯🇵

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🎀Rebekka Harajuku 🎀at your service

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