Gigi Hadid boycotted over announcement that she’ll walk for Victoria’s Secret again


“Don’t come to China. You’re not welcome here.”

The Victoria’s Secret 2017 Fashion Show models were announced late last week, but appearing to have been left off the list initially were the Hadid sisters, Gigi and Bella. However, we’re stoked to now say that your favourite supermodel duo will be gracing the famous catwalk once again, but the announcement of their appearance hasn’t been without its #drama.

“Forever and ever and ever a dream come true to be asked back to the VS Show!!” Gigi posted on Instagram. “Thank you my friend . . . for another unforgettable opportunity; every aspect makes me feel like a dreaming kid again.”

But not everyone’s so stoked about her return to the runway which is rumoured to being held in Shanghai, China later this year.

According to Buzzfeed, the controversy has stemmed from an offensive Snapchat Bella posted of her older sister, Gigi, earlier this year, where she was seen holding up a Buddha-shaped cooking and mimicking the face by squinting her eyes. And although the Snap has since been deleted, its aftermath is still coming back to bite Gigi from behind.

“I used to like you so much! But the fact that you are discriminated against Asians disappointed me! Goodbye Gigi!” said one ex-fan on Gigi’s Instagram post. “Don’t come to Asia. Don’t come to China. Because you’re not welcome,” wrote another, including snake emojis in the comment. “Don’t come to Shanghai. You’re not welcome here. Piss off!” she also received.

Due to the post being flooded with angry users calling the model a racist, the comments have since been disabled. But there’s still no word from Gigi’s camp about the original social media video, nor the response from the Chinese this week – she literally hasn’t acknowledged or apologised for her actions, a move that perhaps has hurt fans just as much as the deed itself.

Photo: Getty Images