You’ll never guess what job title Kendall Jenner just added to her CV


Kenny’s really becoming the ultimate slashie.

Model, photographer and reality TV star… you would think that Kendall Jenner already has enough on her plate. However, the model and Kardashian clan member just added the role of radio host and DJ to her resume after creating her own show called Pizza Boys with friend and DJ Daniel Chetrit aka @sweetboydaniel.

While this news might come as a surprise, Kenny has been dropping subtle hints about the project since 2016 when she posted a picture of herself and Daniel captioning the picture, “pizza boys”. Then, fast forward to last month, when the duo created the cryptic Instagram account @pizzaboys which – despite the Internet being abuzz with questions like “who and what exactly is pizza boys?” – quickly amassed over 70k followers.

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The show has been described as a living room pizza party with special guests, pizza (obvs!) and chats about music and friendship. So essentially, it’s Kendall and her friends hanging out, eating pizza and giving us all an insight into the lives of the young and famous in LA. We can totally get on board with that.

Kenny already holds close friendships with the likes of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber and Jaden Smith, so we can only imagine the range of famous ‘It-kids’ who will feature on the monthly show. And who knows? Other members of the Kardashian family might also make an appearance…

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The first episode sees the duo head to Coachella which, according to Vogue, will showcase a “musical journey that cater[s] to all… various moods throughout the hectic weekend.” So far the reactions to the show seem to be positive with listeners taking to Twitter to compliment the project.

The Pizza Boys Instagram account has also teased Kendall repping some pretty cool merch including a white bucket hat. We’re hoping in time it will become available to purchase.

You can listen to Pizza Boys Radio episode one here.

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