Kiwi model Georgia Fowler is reportedly dating which singer?


She’s ticking off our childhood crushes, one heartthrob at a time.

If tabloid gossip is anything to go off, Georgia Fowler seems to be fulfilling the teenage dreams of girls all over the world.

This week reports have been coming out that she is currently dating musician Nick Jonas, as the pair were reportedly spotted looking friendly at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s engagement party at Mamo in New York.

A source told US Weekly the pair were spotted cuddling in a corner and fans have also been analysing the pair’s social media interactions, noticing that Joe has posted a photo of the two together in London while Georgia posted a video of her singing along to one of his songs.  

Get to know model Georgia Fowler:

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Whether the rumours are true or not, Georgia is doing all of us Kiwi girls (and not to mention, our 15-year-old selves) proud!

From one heartthrob to the next, Georgia’s link to former One Direction star Harry Styles was well documented at the time. But when Styles released his self-titled album earlier this year, one of the songs ‘Kiwi’ stirred up a bit of conversation about our little country – and one New Zealander in particular. Fans quickly deciphered that the song seemed to be about a Kiwi girl, with many pointing the finger at the Auckland-born model.

And Georgia has kept quiet – until now.

Appearing on Australia’s Morning Show earlier this week, she finally addressed the rumours that the song is about her, calling Harry a “friend” and saying: “Ah, I don’t really know anything about it.”

Watch Georgia Fowler’s response on the Morning Show:

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She also referenced the ‘baby’ aspect of the song, adding: “Definitely don’t have a baby… that’s what the song is all about.”

While she may not be the elusive girl from Styles’ song, she’s still been lucky enough to have hung out one-on-one with the One Direction star, previously posting a photo on Instagram of the pair playing scrabble together.

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: lucky girl.

Words: Molly Codyre
Photos: Getty Images