Looking for a job? Kris Jenner is hiring a personal assistant


There’d never be a dull day with her as a boss.

Entrepreneur, momager and matriarch. Kris Jenner wears a lot of hats and her Bumble Bizz profile backs her status up, listing her current role as entrepreneur, producer, brand builder and manager.

Naturally, she’s one busy lady and so it makes complete sense that she’d be on the hunt for a handy little helper every now and then. And now the matriarch has partnered with Bumble Bizz – the career-focused version of the popular dating app – to look for another personal assistant. It’s likely Kris already has a host of minions to complete her every whim but in the scheme of things what’s one more? Right?

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According to Bumble, “the person who generates enough buzz will join Kris Jenner’s personal team to work directly with her on daily scheduling and organisational tasks and, without a doubt, benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime mentorship.” After all, the woman did build an entire business empire around her family.

We can imagine the lucky recipient to receive said job is likely to fulfil duties such as organising her very packed schedule, keeping tabs on the siblings, their children and their partners. Do we potentially see a scheme against Tristan on the horizon? Not to mention other more glamorous tasks like organising her gigantic Birkin collection and helping arrange those iconic Christmas Eve parties. Count yourself a Kardashian-Jenner regular as you’d be sure to obtain a ton of insider information about the family. Just don’t be stupid enough to share the goss with the world! Kris. Will. Come. For. You.

Kris is set to announce her hiring choice on her Instagram on 18 May *fingers crossed*. But before you “run, don’t walk” to apply, note that sadly applicants have to be from the US. NZers are out of the running, that is, unless you’ve got US citizenship and can jet-set over there ASAP.

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