Uh-huh honey, a Yeezy dating website exists and it’s here to help you find your match


Bound to fall in love.

Once again the Internet has gifted us with another truly unique dating website in the form of Yeezy.dating. But before you get too excited or freak out at the concept of dating Kanye West – take a breather. This isn’t a move over Kim Kardashian kind-of situation but instead, it’s a dating platform dedicated to setting up couples who are fans of the rapper.

Initially pushed into creation with the help of Crowdfunder, within the first 24 hours of launching the site already had over 2,000 sign-ups – so there are ample options to choose from. Features on each member’s profile includes a summary of your favourite rap artist (Kanye obvs!), Yeezy album and song. Not to mention the overall bonus of dating someone who actually understands and supports your Kanye obsession.

So while you’re stoked at the opportunity of finding the Kanye to your Kim, don’t forget to arrive head-to-toe in Yeezy-related getup on your first date. And any fan would know to pick a location close to Kanye’s heart – with McDonald’s being the number one choice after he penned a poem to the fast food joint!

You can also cut out that awkward “it’s our first date and I don’t know what to talk about” issue. Kanye will naturally be the focal point, so don’t forget to mention the upcoming album and his recent Twitter antics. In the words of the man himself: “All you have to do is be yourself”. So don’t stress on this date – with all your Yeezy-inspired confidence, you’ve got this!

But before you rush to sign up it should be noted that there’s one major rule for this site: Taylor Swift fans are naturally banned (but if you are one, you’d probably have avoided reading this article anyway.)

So if you’re looking for someone who loves a lil’ bit of Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye, sign up here.

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Words: Ella Francis.
Photos: Instagram.

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