A lip reader reveals everything said at the Royal Wedding

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Every single incredible conversation from the Royal Wedding has been revealed by a lip reader – and it’s just fascinating.

The world is officially on a Royal Wedding high…

We’ll probably never get over the moment Prince Harry first kissed his new wife, Meghan Markle, in front of billions of people tuning in to witness the Royal Wedding from all over the globe.

However, there’s so much we weren’t able to make out – if only Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had mini-microphones so we could catch their sweet exchanges.

Lucky for you, we can exclusively reveal exactly what was said between the blushing bride and her royal groom as professional lip reader Tina Lannin from 121 Captions decodes what the couple said to each other throughout their magical day, including what an awe-struck Prince Harry said when he first laid eyes on his bride.

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Here’s what was said during the Royal Wedding ceremony

11.37 – Harry says to minister “I’m alright.”

11.49 – Harry asks William “Is she here?” to which William replies, “No not yet. I don’t know actually.”

11:49 – William: “Do you want… do we stand up?” Harry: “Before my hair goes grey… when Doria comes in.” William: “Do you know what, maybe we should?”

12:04 – Harry: “Thank you father!” Harry asks Meghan “are you OK? You look amazing!” To which Meghan replies, “thank you.” Then she says something to Harry, in which Harry replies “absolutely”.

12:04 – Harry: “You look amazing. I missed you!”

12:04 – Harry to Prince Charles: “Thank you father (possibly Padre).”

12:11 – Harry, as he takes the veil off: “Alright?”

A lip reader reveals everything said at the Royal Wedding

What was said during the Royal Wedding carriage procession

13:07 – Duchess Kate to daughter: “Look at the carriage!”

13:12 – Queen to Philip: “Keep waving”.

13.13 – After spotting someone in the crowd Meghan turns to Harry and says “how sweet”.

13:15 – Meghan: “This is weird”.

13:17 – Meghan: “Unbelievable…”

13.16 – Meghan looking at the crowd: “Wow, how busy”. Meghan and Harry alternates between “Hi” and “Hello” when waving to the crowds and “Thank you”.

13.25 – Meghan points to something and says “gosh? So funny”.

13:25 – Meghan: “How sweet.”

13.27 – Harry: “we have to…?” To which Meghan said “oh yeah.”

13.30 – Meghan awed by the whole experience and says: “wow.”

13.31 – Harry: “I’m ready for a drink now.”

13:32 – Harry points and says “huge.”

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