Die hard Harry Potter fans, here are 23 memes just for you

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We’re  celebrating the anniversary as dedicated Potterheads.

It’s been twenty years since JK Rowling introduced us to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, and it’s safe to say that our lives have never been the same.

The true Potterheads among us have never received a letter in the post without hoping that our invitation to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had finally arrived.

All we can think about when we wake up with a hangover is how much easier life would be if we were able aguamenti straight into our mouths instead of ever having to get out of bed and oh, the things we would do with a Mauderers Map. 

In the 20 years since the first book was released, there’s been a hella lot of generation-defining reference points and with that, come some of the best memes the internet has to offer. So, to celebrate the anniversary (and ease the stark realisation that yes, it’s been two decades since we were all sucked into a story about a little boy with a scar on his head who had magic powers and a quest to defeat a noseless bad guy), we’ve rounded up some of the funniest memes that only die hard fans will fully appreciate.

1. Dumbledore’s fury when Harry was entered to the Triwizard Tournament


2. The chat up line to end all chat up lines

3. The realisation when you downloaded the Snapchat update

4. The flaw in Dumbledore’s brilliance

5. So that’s why Harry’s in Gryffindor


6.  Quidditch health and safety


7. The scene we didn’t see in the Slytherin common room


8. Still too soon to talk about it


9. If the Philosopher’s Stone happened in 2017


10. Was the house points system ever really explained, though?

11. The reason we have no knowledge of any other literature


12. That bloody remembrall


13. Gryffindor still come out on top so it’s cool, but also…


14. Maths meets the Deathly Hallows


15. Lupin always have the answers. Where the chocolate at?


16. You’ll always be Potter to us, Dan


17. So many Sirius puns


19. She so wise


20. Draco Malfoy and What Could’ve Been

21. Classic Snape

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22. Will never be able to press snooze again

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23. Never thought about Voldy in that way, did ya?

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