Miss FQ sweepstake: what will Beyoncé & Jay Z name their new-born twins?

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They’re the world’s most popular set of twins, yet they’re over a week old and without confirmed baby names!

The Carter family is yet to expose the names of their new baby girl and boy with arguably the coolest parents in the world and a super fashionable, sassy big sis. If that’s not #fam then we don’t know what is!

The guessing game has begun all over the world with predictions surfacing the online world, including some hilarious guesses such as Lemonade and Fuschia, Red and Yellow, and a more serious and common prediction, Brooklyn and Houston (which we love!).

The team at Miss FQ HQ decided to do a name sweepstake to add to the gamble…

For a girl:

Taylor Red Carter

“To pay tribute to and apologise for Kanye’s unbearably tactless interruption at the 2009 MTV VMAs where he stormed on stage saying, “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time.” Red was the name of Taylor’s fourth album and fits with their first daughters name, Blue. Duh.”

– Skye Ross, digital and associate editor

Goldi Halo Carter

“After Bey’s iconic 2008 hit ‘Halo’ from the ‘I am Sasha Fierce’ platinum album – an extremely fitting name for a little bb girl. Goldi just teams up with it impeccably, complimenting the second name and also tying into the colour theme of previous prodigy child, Blue Ivy. Goldi is extremely appropriate as she will be their golden girl, probably going on in years to come to win a golden globe or something – let’s be real.”

– Jess Thomson, editorial and fashion assistant

Clea Cayenne

“Clea because not only is it a famous Creole (Beyoncé’s mother is of Creole descent) girls name but also gives nod to Beyoncé’s 2002 performance as character Foxxy Cleopatra in comedy film Austin Powers. Cayenne because who didn’t want to try Beyoncé’s infamous rumoured diet secret The Lemon Detox Diet, which consisted of nothing but lemon, water and cayenne pepper and promised to have you feeling confidence in nothing but a high-cut leotard ala Sasha Fierce in no time.”

– Sally-Ann Mullin, managing editor

Destiny Diamond

“Obviously inspired by Destiny’s Child and Diamond brings in the bling factor.”

– Lisa Deken, direct account manager

Célestine Gloria

“Named for both their mothers. Beyoncé’s mother Célestine (yep, Tina isn’t actually her given name!) is never far from the action and could even be attributed to much of Beyoncé’s career success (who else can we blame for those bootylicious matching outfits she designed for Destiny’s Child?!).”

– Kelly McAuliffe , digital editor FQ.co.nz

Clinton Célestine Carter

“I’m definitely getting a boy/girl feeling though – let’s face it, these twins were bespoke, so of course the Carters would’ve picked one of each. For the girl I’m thinking Clinton Célestine Carter. Clinton because of Hillary (plus I think Bey and Jay would dig the androgynous vibe), and Célestine for Bey’s mum. Also, ‘CCC’ the initials? One word: illuminati.”

– Phoebe Watt, associate editor and features writer

Green Honeysuckle

“Green – because Bey and Jay will probably want a change in colour, and like Ivy, honeysuckle is another noxious and fast growing weed.”

– Bronwyn Williams, features editor

Sanctity Aurora Chopard Carter

“Keeping it simple.”

– Marcel Gull, creative director

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For a boy:

Jesus (“HEY-ZUUS”) Khaki Carter

“I was so convinced that Kanye was going to call his son Jesus, not Saint, so I’ve passed the torch to Jay Z and Bey. Also, khaki is a v Yeezy colour so I thought it was fitting and sounds kind of… dope?”

– Skye Ross, digital and associate editor

Bedford Roc Carter

“Bedford named after the suburb Jay Z was raised, in Brooklyn, New York. Roc after his numerous business ventures, especially Roc Nation, his Entertainment Company Jay Z founded. Furthermore if the kid ever grows up to be a rapper, ‘Bedford Roc’ will be a sick name that many will remember (I a liken it to slim shady).”

– Jess Thomson, editorial and fashion assistant

Panther Basquiat

“Panther referencing Beyoncé’s 2016 Super Bowl  performance rumoured to low key celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther party and Basquiat, celebrating Beyoncé’s love of incredible African-American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.”

– Sally-Ann Mullin, managing editor

Prince Jay

“A tribute to one of their favourite artists, the late Prince  – and Jay after his daddy, obvi.”

– Lisa Deken, direct account manager

Brooklyn Roca

“Hold up Beckham, there might be another Brooklyn in town! Brooklyn is a place close to Jay’s heart – he was not only born and raised in the New York borough, but he also was a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team until 2013, when he had to relinquish his share. Was he devo enough about losing his basketball team to transfer the affection to his newborn son? Only time will tell. Roca is a variation on his other business ventures (Rocawear and Roc-A-Fella Records) which this kid is obviously going to be the heir to, so it’d almost be silly to NOT go there.”

– Kelly McAuliffe, digital editor FQ.co.nz


“I’m struggling with the boy’s first name but you bet his middle name is Shawn, after his dad.”

– Phoebe Watt, associate editor and features writer

Baby boy

Need I say more?

– Bronwyn Williams, features editor

Shadé Mighty Cartier Carter

“Again, keeping it simple.”

– Marcel Gull, creative director

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We should hear of two confirmed names from the parental dynamic duo ASAP and we’re pretty certain one of us have hit the jackpot!

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