A day and night in the life of Miss FQ’s associate editor Phoebe Watt

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Miss FQ associate editor Phoebe Watt reveals the details of her ideal day…and night.

Morning person? Same, babes. The trick is kicking off to a #lit playlist, amiright? For me RN that’s a mash up of new Jay-Z, and early 90s Celine Dion power ballads. For the record: I stanned for Celine before she wore Vetements and I have the autographed photo above my bed to prove it.

Bonds floral set

I save getting dressed until the minute before I leave the house because my obsession with shimmery cosmetics plus one extremely smoochy cat equals bad news for my work wardrobe. Dancing around in my undies therefore makes up a significant portion of my morning and nothing puts me in a better mood than a bright and colourful combo. I’m currently vibing my BONDS Hipster Tee Bra in Flower Market, $34.95, and Hipster Bikini in Wild Bloom, $14.95, because what’s not to love about mix ‘n’ match florals?

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My ideal work day is a busy one. It would start with me interviewing a local fashion designer or inspirational girlboss (I’ll have strategically suggested my favourite bistro Odettes, so I can have a sneaky vanilla crepe at the same time). Later in the morning I might have a phone interview with an international celebrity, followed by a client meeting or range viewing where hopefully there’s an OTT platter that will more-or-less count as lunch (FYI: Karen Walker does the best). The rest of the day could involve popping into a fashion shoot, briefing freelance writers on content pieces for Miss FQ, and if I’m lucky I’ll actually have time to write and file a story myself — always a gold-star moment!


After-work events are an important part of my job. I love parties where I can dress up — something like an awards dinner or a black-tie brand launch. At the moment I have a Zimmermann LBD hanging in the Miss FQ fashion closet, which I like to pair with the more evening-appropes BONDS Lace Tube Top, $39.95, and Skimpy briefs, $17.95, both in black. My go-to shoe is a classic black, 10cm point-front stiletto. Call it my version of Anna Wintour’s nude crossover mule — this style takes me everywhere and is a twice-yearly repeat-purchase (although one day I’d like to upgrade to a red sole, if you catch my drift).

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I’m extremely lucky that my colleagues are my BFFs, so work events never feel like overtime. Throw in a few glasses of champagne, epic catering, a sneak peek at a new fashion or beauty collection and a chat with one or two of my industry heroes and you can start to understand why staying out wayyy too late is an occupational hazard. A post-event debrief (AKA a round of espresso martinis on Ponsonby Road) is a regular occurrence, although I’m a bit of a Cinderella and generally try to be home by 12AM on a school night.

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Regardless of whether I’ve made curfew, you’ll NEVER see me cutting corners when it comes to makeup removal. Two words: white bedding. TBH, my night time skincare routine is unnecessarily long, but it’s how I unwind. One person’s sheet mask is another person’s transcendental meditation, okay?

Bedside table arrangement

Once in bed, I will check my next day’s schedule to make sure I have the correct alarm set, and then I’ll pick a book off the ever-growing stack on my nightstand (right now I’m double-parked with Joan Didion’s South and West and Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex). Of course, my eyes will probably be closing about half a page in…but if that’s not a sign that I’ve made the most of the day, IDK what is!

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