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Ashley Graham thinks every curvy gal should own this one outfit

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 09: Model Ashley Graham signs copies of her new book "A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty And Power Really Look Like" at Barnes & Noble Tribeca on May 9, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

We’re sold!

Trying to nail that perfect look for your body shape can be hard, especially if you’re trying to make your body fit the clothes, rather than the other way round.

But the eternally cool Ashley Graham says she’s found her go-to outfit for her curvalicious shape, and she couldn’t look more chic.

And because she’s all about sharing the love, the 29-year-old model has dished on her number one fashion tip, so we can all tap into a bit of her super style.

So girlfriend, what gives?


In an interview with People Now, the plus-size fashionista revealed her statement look was basically made up of three key pieces.

1. Skinny black jeans. If for some reason you don’t own a pair, we recommend you get yourself some STAT. You can pretty much build a plethora of outfits around this hero item, so it’s a wardrobe essential. If you’re wanting a bit of edge, pick a pair that has rips at the knee.

2. An oversized white tee. Okay, before you think ‘hells yeah, already got one,’ we’re talking about a tee that’s fitted at the waist. You want some definition so choose one that gives you a bit of shape.

3. A smokin’ bomber. RN there is literally dozens of styles available to choose from, so don’t feel limited. Leather looks badass, but satin styles are totally on trend too.

Don’t forget to add a pair of hot AF heels.

And there you have it, a fail-safe look that guarantees you’ve got it going on.

Oh, and the most important thing to remember, Ashley adds, make sure you’re buying for comfort, above everything else.

Girl, we’re so there.

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