What would Carrie do? How to be single and fabulous, exclamation point

Carrie Bradshaw

You know the episode of SATC when Carrie Bradshaw winds up on the cover of New York Magazine and an oh-so-hostile question mark manages to throw her single-girl fabulousness into question?

She pretends she’s not rattled, but she is, and the ensuing drama (AKA, seeking validation from guys who aren’t right for her) confirms it.

No judgment here — negotiating singledom at any age can suck a little, and even send the most self-assured gal into a tailspin. But just as Carrie reaches an epiphany at the end of S02E04, so can you, with Miss FQ associate editor Phoebe Watt’s 12 tips for not just surviving a single phase, but bloody thriving.

Duvet Day

1. So you wake up early(ish) on Sunday morning with the best intentions, but half a season into Dance Moms you realise your lie-in has ticked over into duvet day territory. Guess who’s going to know if you don’t make it to the supermarket today? No one. Cue up the next ep and snuggle down, GF. It’s called self-care, look it up.

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2. That being said, if you do manage to tear yourself away from Abby Lee Miller’s cray antics and drag yourself out of bed, chuck those sheets in the wash. You’ll thank yourself in a few hours when you are climbing back into a very Pinterest-worthy situation (starfish sleeping position mandatory).

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3. Get that (vitamin) D! Sometimes there is nothing nicer than taking yourself for a long walk. Whether you’re a woman on a mission or just meandering around, make sure you stop to take in your surroundings. Park benches aren’t just for decoration, people.

Bonds set

4. Treat yo’ self. The best things in life might be free, but a little retail therapy never hurt anyone, either. You don’t have to blow the budget, but whether it’s a new lippy or a cute underwear set, making a purchase that’s just for you is a one-way ticket to serotonin city. I mean, tell me that a BONDS Lacies Bralette in Blue Rock, $29.99, and Gypset Cotton Bikini in Campfire Diamond, $15.99, wouldn’t put you in a good mood?

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5. After all that walking and shopping you’ve worked up an appetite, amiright? Requesting a table for one at a nice restaurant might seem super scary, but if Carrie can take her fear to lunch, so can you. Sit there and have a glass of wine. “No man, no friends, no armor, no faking.” You’ll love it, I promise.

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6. Wanna know one place where a significant other is completely superfluous? The public library. Sure, reading aloud is fun if you’re nine years old or under. Beyond that, all it’ll earn you is some major shade from the librarian. Dig out your library card and grab 100 minutes of solitude.

Britney Spears Work Bitch

7. As for more physical activities, it’s true that some, like tennis or tandem bike riding, kinda hinge on you having a plus one. But there are plenty of others that are best enjoyed solo — think yoga, swimming laps, or hitting the treadmill whilst plugged into your ultimate motivational playlist. If Britney’s ‘Work B**tch’ is your ‘Eye of the Tiger’, no hate.

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8. Once you’re home and feeling super centred, take a moment to light a candle and appreciate all that you have. You woke up this morning, right? And in the grand scheme of things you’re healthy, happy, with a roof over your head, a job to go to, and friends and family who love you. Life ain’t perfect, I hear ya gurl. But now’s a good time to remember that, even if you tick just a couple of those boxes, you’re doing better than most.

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9. Maybe you’re really feeling your outfit today and believe it should be documented, or maybe you just accidentally opened your front camera and by some miracle instead of a double chin you instantly found your light (it happens!). Snap that selfie, babes, then post up. You know you’re beautiful, but there’s no shame in giving everyone else a reminder.

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10. Active relaxers this one’s for you. A basic bachelorette dinner of cheese and crackers and a glass of red is always a tempting option, but there are sooo many benefits to cooking up a big meal for yourself — not least that one serious kitchen sesh could supply you with lunch leftovers for days, leaving you more time in the mornings to get your makeup looking fiyah.

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11. Of course, no one said you need to whip up a croquembouche for dessert. Grab that spoon and the Nutella and go hard. If you smash through a whole jar and no one’s around to see it, did it even happen? Asking for a friend, obvs.

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12. At last back between your freshly washed sheets (you’re welcome), you’re scrolling through Instagram and the inspirational quotes are hitting you in the feels. They’re all so hashtag relatable! Never has the internet spoken to you so directly! Don’t stop at the double-tap. Instead, regram your fave. You never know, you might turn someone else’s question mark into an exclamation point.

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