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5 fashion apps every millennial needs, RN

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - AUGUST 30: Models taking a selfie outside Ida Sjöstedt during the second day of the Stockholm Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 on August 30, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Life just got a whole lot easier.

The life of a millennial can often be overwhelming. Fitting in work, studies, a social life, and exercise, as well as keeping a balanced lifestyle combined with a full and busy day has the potential to create a fair bit of stress. Luckily for the fashion-loving millennial, there are some apps that can help aid the forward-thinker and assist you in your everyday life, especially where fashion is concerned.

Consider this your must-read list of the top five fashion apps that every twenty-somethings needs in their life. We’re here to join the digital and fashion world together to make your days, well, a little less hectic.


Like to Know It

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Have you ever found yourself screen-shotting an outfit that you’ve seen on Instagram and drooling over it for style inspo but have been left wondering where those perfect to-die for pieces came from? Well, with the free Like to Know It app this problem is solved.

Like to Know It shops the fashion ensemble in the screenshot that is uploaded, producing a curated list of where to find the exact items, as well as similar pieces of clothing and accessories in the picture. It’s the ultimate go-to app for minimising those hoarded #ootd screenshots in your camera roll.


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The outfit coordinator of our dreams featured in the film Clueless, is now a reality through the Stylebook app. Stylebook is your virtual closet app that has multiple features that enable you to plan outfits and create looks with your own clothing that you can easily snap.

Further features on the app, such as the calendar, let you place outfits on certain days of the week, giving you some extra time in the day by not having to umm and ahh over planing an outfit. The app also allows you to track how often you wear certain pieces, giving you an idea of the cost per wear of the clothing.

Although the app has an initial purchase price of $4, in the long-run it could definitely help you save money, making it a worthwhile investment.

PS Dept

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Imagine having your very own personal shopper, without even having to leave the house and take a trip to the mall! This is actually a reality with the PS Dept app. This fashion-forward app brings an actual personal shopper to you through the form of your smartphone or tablet. They help to bring your fashion desires to life by assisting you in finding items, suggesting recommendations, advising of re-stocks, as well as answering fashion-related questions. PS Dept organises your purchases and aids online shopping, making the process easier and quicker. What a dream.

Keep Shopping

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From late night browsing to quick intervals of online shopping in your lunch break, it can be difficult to keep up with the ten different websites you were shopping on – and the one hundred and one pieces of clothing you wanted spread across multiple shopping carts. This is where your new best friend, the Keep Shopping app steps in. This game changer features a universal shopping cart that enables you to make and complete purchases from any store or brand online in one simple checkout. No longer going back and forth making separate purchases, this all-in-one app enables a fast and efficient online shopping experience.


The app termed the ‘Tinder for Shoes’ is changing how fashion lovers purchase the finishing touch for their outfit with over 350,000 options for footwear. The Stylect app allows the user to swipe right if you love what you’re seeing, and simply enough, go left if you don’t.  Ranging from everyday brands, to designer and luxe brands, there are endless choices for the perfect pair of shoes; you can easily build up your shoe closet in no time by using this app. Feel like the modern-day Cinderella in those dreamy high heels you purchased on sale, all thanks to the app sale-alert, Stylect. It’s the app for footwear fanatics.

Words: Maxine Fourie
Photos: Instagram