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You can now buy vintage Gucci in New Zealand, people

Chadwick Vintage

Vintage Gucci, come at us

We love a good designer buy as much as the next fashionista, but sometimes it’s just not financially feasible, ya feel? Designer vintage on the other hand, can be.

Enter Chadwick Inc., a new venture started by Chadwick McCartney. We caught up with the online store owner to learn more about his popular business and to get his tips for vintage shopping in New Zealand.

What is Chadwick Inc.? Why did you start it and how did the idea come about?

Chadwick Inc. (New York Vintage) is a New Zealand-based online store selling a mix of the most popular vintage brands, express from our supplier in New York.

I have created a current, pop-culture-based vintage online clothing store giving customers easy access to premium items from brands such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Champion, American Pro Sports Team Wear & many more.

I decided to start Chadwick Inc. because I couldn’t find any of the clothing I sell online in NZ for myself. I had been following a couple of hugely popular vintage stores on Instagram in Australia and thought I could give this a go!


Where do you source all of your clothing from?

The U.S.A

What sets Chadwick Inc. apart from other second hand clothing stores?

Chadwick Inc. vintage is different from other second hand clothing stores as it is based on mixing celebs, colour and plenty of pop into my website and Instagram feed.

What are some key vintage trends that are super popular at the moment?

Everything Tommy Hilfiger thanks to Gigi Hadid and anything Gucci thanks to Emily Ratajkowsi.

What is the best vintage find you’ve ever discovered?

A Chanel bomber jacket – I started my business with that and it grabbed so much attention. I have a lot to thank that Chanel bomber for! I miss it.

What are your top tips for vintage shopping?  

Thrift through everything single item as you never know what you will find and the satisfaction is so much higher than buying it new.

Other than on Chadwick Inc. (obviously!), where are some great places to shop in NZ?

Savemart, Op Shops, Recycle Boutique.

Photos: Supplied & Instagram