Hailey Bieber’s wedding dress designer runs the most popular fashion brand in the world right now


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Virgil Abloh’s Off-White has beaten the likes of Gucci, Balenciaga and Prada to become the world’s most in-demand fashion label.

What’s currently topping your fashion wishlist? According to Lyst, it’s likely to be something designed by Off-White, which is currently the most popular brand in the world. Every few months, the global fashion search platform produces a report based on its analysis of the online shopping behaviour of more than nine million shoppers a month. This is across 12,000 designers and online shops and Lyst’s formula also takes into account search data from Google, as well as mentions of a specific brand or product on social media. The result is a comprehensive list of the world’s most coveted items, as well as the most-loved brands.

PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 28: Designer Virgil Abloh, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss during the finale of the Off-White show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2019/2020 on February 28, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Off-White is the brainchild of Virgil Abloh (pictured above left with Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss during the finale of the Off-White FW 2019/2020 show), who is currently enjoying a stellar year. He was recently revealed as the designer of one of Hailey Bieber’s wedding dresses, and before that he released his much-hyped collaboration with IKEA. His brand is now the number one in the world, closely followed by Balenciaga and then Gucci.

In terms of products, it’s possibly no surprise to know that the most prolific comes courtesy of Bottega Veneta, in the form of its £645 padded sandals (approx. $1290 NZD), which generated over 27,000 online searches. This is unsurprising because the brand was ubiquitous over fashion week, with every other show-goer wearing something from Bottega.

PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 30: A guest wearing trench coat and Bottega BVeneta mules outside Stella McCartney during Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 on September 30, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Hanna Lassen/Getty Images)

After the sandals, it’s Jacquemus’ teeny tiny handbag. While not hugely practical, they certainly have novelty appeal, while the third most popular buy is far more pragmatic as Lyst explains: “The Adidas Continental 80 sneakers are the only other shoes to make the hottest women’s products list this quarter, coming in third place. Retailing at £74.95 (approx. $150 NZD) and worn by celebrity influencers including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie, searches for the sneakers have increased 170% this quarter.”

Interestingly, the sixth item on the list is Reformation’s Juliette dress, which is available in a multitude of colours and prints. It is also, as per the brand’s ethos, a sustainable option.

In fact, it looks like sustainability is integral to the most popular brands. As Lyst reports: “Sustainability and corporate responsibility are increasingly important for the top 20 brands, with 50% having signed the G7 Fashion Pact and 45% having sustainability information on their website. 40% of the top 20 brands, or their parent companies, have pledged to go carbon neutral, while Balmain, Burberry, Gucci, Prada and Versace have publicly committed to stop using fur.”

This article originally appeared on Grazia UK.

Words: Hannah Banks-Walker
Photos: Getty Images