The hilarious 80s workout that is fast becoming the latest exercise craze


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We say jump – you say how high?

The sometimes cringe-worthy and often nostalgic 80s era seems to be cropping up more often than not at the moment. Take Stranger Things for example; it’s reached a cult status that has brought the overall 80s vibe back into vogue across pop culture and in music, fashion and beauty.

And while you’re probably already researching “where to buy the best scrunchie?”, what you might not realise is that another key movement from the 80s is starting to surface. Creeping back into fitness routines everywhere are the creative and sometimes, downright crazy exercise moves of the era.

So for all of us babies who don’t have clue about these exercise routines, here’s the lowdown on fitness in the 80s:
– Jane Fonda and her VHS aerobics program. (What’s VHS you say? It’s essentially a video recording on a gigantic cassette tape.)
– The Thighmaster – need we say more about this one?
– Our laugh out loud favourite, Jazzercise (let’s see your jazz hands ladies!).

And now, celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue has released a new workout DVD that is based around using a mini trampoline – and we’re definitely feeling those 80s vibes.

80s fab fitness and fun factor aside; can you imagine completing press ups and box jumps on a mini trampoline? Feel the burn, because planks just got even harder on that uneven surface. We don’t know about you, but some of us *cough, cough* have trouble doing these stretches at the best of times and on steady ground!

So pause those laughs for a second, because adding this technique into your exercise regime is surprisingly good for cardio. Not only is it low impact (which is good for your joints) but it also helps to tone your body and boost your immune system according to Simone De La Rue.

This, and the fact that models including Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the Victoria’s Secret Angels all work with De La Rue, has us convinced.

Perhaps there’s something more to 80s exercise after all, than a bunch of laughs and incredibly high-cut, fluoro leotards…

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