Apps you need in your life if you have zero willpower

Article by Good Health Choices


If you struggle to achieve your goals or stay on task, rest assured you’re not lazy – research says so.

In the age of social networking, it’s never been easier to delay or avoid difficult, boring or time-consuming tasks. The #goals hashtag might be popular on Instagram, but you have to wonder whether we’re more likely to post about our goals than actually set about achieving them – and our love affair with social media itself is partly to blame.

Add in fast internet connections that now allow us to binge-watch an entire TV series rather than wait week-to-week for episodes, not to mention the fact that we can get new clothes and hot dinners delivered to our door in short order, goals that take time to achieve aren’t exactly appealing.


“Willpower is an informal term for self-control, and the definition of self-control is the ability to defer immediate gratification,” says Auckland-based psychologist and willpower expert Dr Rebecca Stafford, author of The 21 Day Myth: A step by step guide to rapid habit change.

“The belief that willpower is some kind of fixed or genetic characteristic that people either have or don’t have is a myth. Research suggests it’s a resource we all have, and there are things we can do to increase it.”

If you find yourself struggling to complete tasks or get traction with your goals due to the lure of social media, these apps might help you reclaim your willpower:


Moment tells you how much time you’re spending on social media and allows you to set limits on your daily usage.


Cost: Free
Smartphone: iPhone only.
Find it here


Space – Break Phone Addiction allows you to set goals regarding social media usage and rewards you with achievement badges when you meet your targets.


Cost: Free
Smartphone: iPhone and Android.
Find it here


AppDetox schedules and limits your social media use, and forces you to go walking to gain extra screen time.


Cost: Free
Smartphone: Android only.
Find it here

Off the Grid

Off the Grid blocks your phone for a period of time set by you, and charges your credit card a small fee every time you override it to gain entry to your phone.


Cost: Free
Smartphone: Android only.
Find it here


AntiSocial compares your phone usage to other people of your age and gender, so you know whether your usage is uncommonly excessive, then lets you set limits accordingly.



Cost: $1.49
Smartphone: iPhone and Android.
Find it here

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Words: Trudie McConnochie

This article originally appeared in Good Health Choices