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Golden girl

With 21,000 followers on Instagram (and growing!), chances are that you follow 23-year-old gal Hannah Laity. Miss FQ went behind-the-scenes of her life to learn about her total #goals health routine, and to discover what it’s really like to be balance life as a millennial babe, girlfriend of an All Black, and full time worker, all while living in the capital city. Sounding busy? It is…

8 am: I’m an early riser during the week, so I always treat myself to a sleep in on Saturday morning. Nothing beats waking up naturally, rather than to an aggressive 6 am alarm clock!

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9 am: One of the best ways to start my day is to take my gorgeous miniature schnauzer puppy Monty for a walk. Our favourite spots for a morning stroll are either Wellington’s waterfront or Lyall Bay. Something about the sea breeze makes me feel rejuvenated and refreshed for the weekend ahead. For breakfast, I usually whip up a green smoothie or a homemade acai bowl. My favourite fruit combo at the moment is fresh pineapple and seasonal berries.

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10 am: Time to get my daily exercise fix! Depending on how I am feeling, I will either head to my favourite Yoga studio, Power Living, or a F45 class in Petone. It doesn’t matter if it is an intense stretch session, or a fast-paced HIIT workout – I am always guaranteed to work up a sweat!

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To keep hydrated, I keep a bottle of watermelon OVI Hydration in my gym bag. OVI is a simple and delicious addition to my daily routine that makes staying hydrated easy, natural and tasty. Nothing beats the feeling of smashing a workout before midday.


Weekends are an excuse to live in my active wear – Stirling Women is my go-to shop! My current obsession is the Sydney based brand P.E Nation, paired with my adidas ultra boost sneakers – comfy and flattering, yet can be worn for the rest of the day (spoken like a true activewear addict).

Love these fresh white kicks 👌🏼 @stirlingwomen

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12 am: Lunchtime! I love heading to Prefab Eatery with my other half, Beauden, the girls, or just by myself for lunch. Their menu has a range of delish meals cooked with fresh, wholesome ingredients. The creamy garlic mushrooms, with poached eggs on wholegrain bread is my top pick.

2 pm: It is around this time of the day that I tackle my chores! Working full time leaves me with a forever-growing to do list – whether it’s shopping for homewares, giving the dog a bath or doing copious amounts of Beauden’s washing!! I make sure I have my old school R&B spotify playlist blasting at full volume to keep me motivated.

5 pm: The neediest dog on the face of the earth usually demands another walk by this time. So you guessed it, around the block I go – AGAIN.

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6 pm: Spending time with my friends and family is a must-do weekend activity for me. After I’ve made a dent in my to-do list, I’ll head out for drinks and nibbles with the girls. Then, we all head to the Westpac stadium to cheer on bae and the rest of the Hurricanes. I always cross my fingers that Wellington’s notorious wind stays away!

Proud of this guy 💛 always good to watch the Hurricanes at Westpac stadium!

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Maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle is my number one priority. Exercise is something I love and genuinely enjoy. The food I eat on the daily keeps me energised and ready to take on my busy work and social schedule.

I like to find the middle ground between providing my body with nourishment and having a donut if I feel like it! To me, it’s so important to treat your body kindly, listen to what it needs and allow yourself the odd treat– after all, we all crave chocolate every now and then right?!

Words: Hannah Laity
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