Forget Frosé! Bone broth popsicles are summer’s coolest new treat

bone brothsicles (H)

Brothsicles are now a thing

We’re totally into health and we’re all over new health food trends. Yeah, maybe not into them all, but we still love a treat that’s guilt-free and says it’s good for you.

That’s where bone broth comes in. If you haven’t heard meat-flavoured soup is practically a super-food and is good for nearly everything including digestion, immune support and younger looking skin.

You can't help but doing a happy dance with an icy cold BROTHSICLE (or two) pre or post beach in your hand. @thehealthemporium on Bondi road sells our brothsicles (broth infused dairy-free healthy iceblocks). No you can't taste the frozen beef broth in them and yes they have no refined sugar, or other empty fillers. Just coconut milk, frozen beef broth, medjool dates and naturally flavoured with either mango, raw cacao or raspberries. All ingredients certified organic. #iceblocksthataregoodforyou #healthytreats #brothbarandlarder #guthealing #staraniseorganic #wholefoods #organic #artisan #handmade #nutrientdense #traditionalfoods #realfood #wellfed #consciousconsumption #broth #stock #bonebroth #glycine #collagen #gelatin #bonebrothisbeautiful #brothqueen #bonebrothspecialists

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While in the US and Australia bone broth readily available, Sydney beachside café Broth Bar and Larder has taken the fad a step further and is offering brothsicles.

Before you go “ew”, which is probably the most natural reaction, it turns out that when frozen the bone broth become totally tasteless.

The trendy eatery flavours the broth with other more interesting ingredients such as coffee and kombucha and you can pick one up for around $5.50.

We hope it it won’t be too long before this cool idea catches on across this side of the ditch.

Photos: Broth Bar and Larder, Instagram