Girl you need to know: I AM Co founder Georgie Hendl


You’ve definitely seen photos of the I Am Co. Delight Box on Instagram. You know the one, aye? Well, Miss FQ spoke with Georgie Hendl, the babein’ brains behind the Kiwi operation, to find out where the idea came from and how she took it this health and wellness side hustle from a project to a full-time gig.

Miss FQ: What’s your story?

Georgie: I’m 29 years old, am the founder of I AM Co, and I’m currently 7 months pregnant with my first bebe. I live in Auckland with my partner, James. I grew up in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands – surrounded by the ocean, with a fairly relaxed kiwi upbringing in a large family. After school I went to the University of Otago, living in the deep south for four years which I loved! Once my studies in Dunedin finished I went straight to Canada for a year where I studied holistic nutrition in depth at a renowned school over there. This was a super eye-opening experience for my 22-year-old self, which opened me up to a whole new way of thinking about food and life. I followed this up with a few years of travelling, working and adventuring where I discovered my love for yoga and eventually got myself qualified to teach. All the while I was brewing up plenty of ideas! So when my partner and I made the move home, we went straight to the majestic Queenstown, where we stayed for 2 years and I worked at a yoga studio, while working on my side-hustle – which is now I AM Co.

How did your Bachelor of Consumer Food Science and Diploma in Holistic Nutrition help you to get to where you are now?

I think the experience of being at uni, away from familiar family and friends, was a pretty pivotal time of growth for me. It taught me to be more outgoing and independent and I made some key connections and friendships down there. However, the course in holistic nutrition in Canada was really the clincher for giving me the practical skills, knowledge and interest to draw me into what I now do on a day-to-day basis and where my passions lie.

Can you explain what I AM Co is?

I AM Co. has been created as a means to spread the message of self-love, empowerment and positivity, which I have personally learnt is so incredibly important for us all. We sell a monthly subscription sampling box – The Delight Box, which is filled with health foods, natural beauty products and wellness inspiration. This box gives our subscribers a chance to be introduced to the healthiest foods and beauty goodies trending in NZ. We have also recently launched the I AM Journal, which is a little book of inspiration to encourage a daily gratitude practice.


Where did the idea for the company initially come from?

The idea came from wanting to encourage and remind ladies across NZ to nourish themselves, through food and the thoughts they have about themselves. So the idea of the Delight Box is a little monthly surprise to inspire, empower and encourage a healthy way of living.

Tell us about your wellness journey, and when your love for health and nutrition began…

I’ve always had a not-so-secret love for health and nutrition but my journey has really evolved over time…learning a holistic approach has been pivotal in allowing me to thrive physically and mentally. So combining a healthy (predominantly plant-based) way of eating with a physical practice of yoga and a daily practice of gratitude and self-care has been key in what I want to share with others!

What has been your greatest success since launching I AM Co?

It’s the little daily wins that really add up for us! Like the positive emails or testimonials that our customers send in that really light us up – hearing how our products have had a positive impact on someone’s day or seeing pictures of the affirmation cards displayed in people’s homes makes it all worth it! We also recently launched a video (encompassing our brand message) which has seen a lot of positive response – you can view this here.


You recently launched a new inspirational journal focused on self-love, self-empowerment and healthier habits. What do you hope to achieve with this?

Journaling has been a super powerful part of my self-care routine for years, so it only seemed natural to encourage people to use this tool…by writing down thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams and gratitude you can really cement these positive thoughts into your mind and they can become more real. So the journal aims to encourage a daily writing practice (without rules) to encourage a healthier mind set.

What is your favourite inspirational quote to live by?

Part of my favourite Marianne Williamson quote – “Your playing small doesn’t serve the world”

Other than subscribing to The Delight Box (obvs!), what are some simple ways millennial girls can be healthier every day?

All super cliche (but for good reason!) Drink more water; eat more greens; stretch more; sleep more and cultivate a daily gratitude practice (where saying ‘thank you’ becomes a part of your internal dialogue!).

What is your favourite healthy habit you practice daily?

My morning green smoothie, I’ve been drinking this for years and feel like I couldn’t survive without it! Seriously though, getting a massive hit of nutrients first thing is the BEST way to start your day with a bang. Get one of my fave recipes here.


List five of your favourite health bloggers/Instagrammers…

Oooh hard to choose, in no particular order…

@talinegabriel (all the foooood!)

@melissaambrosini (self-love inspo!)

@begoodorganics (those recipes !!)

@collectivehub (for inspiring quotes + biz advice)

@deliciouslyella (an old fave!)

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