Is Blue Majik Instagram’s new superfood trend?

Move over matcha and turmeric, there’s a new superfood in town.

If you’re into checking out the latest superfood trends filling up the grid, chances are you may have seen the electric hue of Blue Majik appearing more and more on the Instagram pages of health food stores and influencers.

And while the name Blue Majik doesn’t exactly correlate in one’s mind with the thought of natural health foods, surprisingly it lives up to it’s namesake as being one hella magical powder.

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For those of you who are wondering about this blue goo, Blue Majik is a micro-algae spirulina which can be purchased in a powder form and added into a range of food products producing that infamous bright colour. While this form of spirulina is not necessarily new to the health food market, it has risen to everyone’s attention after becoming Insta-famous. And we’re not joking when we say those fluoro tones definitely make it stand out on the ‘gram.

While like the rest of us, you can definitely be forgiven for questioning its health properties, Blue Majik is 100% a superfood product. The powder is not only rich in iron, vitamins B12 and A – to name a few – but it’s also good for digestion, boosts thyroid function and reduces inflammation.

So how do I consume this you ask? Just check Instagram for a flood of creative ideas. We recommend blending the powder into smoothies, juices and raw baking.

Visually pleasing and good for you… or this latest health food craze simply just too much? Either way we’re keen to hear your take on this bright blue health food hue.

The “majikal” powder can be purchased online at Nutmylk or Health Post.

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