Taking magnesium on the reg can help with your anxiety

taking magnesium can reduce anxiety (h)

This lil’ supplement packs a huge punch

At Miss FQ, we’re all about being our best. Whether it’s a new exercise trend or the most energy-enhancing foods, we’re on it.

We also want to make sure we can take on (most) days like a #girlboss which is why we’re giving you a little PSA for the sake of your mental health.

Naturally there’s no simple cure for staying on top of it, and we all have days when anxiety gets the better of us, but studies show you can actually manage your feelings a little better with miracle supplement: magnesium.

It might be that you already take magnesium on the reg because it’s basically good for just about everything – benefits of the supplement include easing migraines through to helping with sleep – but research now says it can do wonders for stress and tension too.

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In fact, Psychology Today has even gone as far as to dub magnesium “the original chill pill”, explaining that even moderate amounts taken as a supplement can help to boost overall mood.

The main deal with magnesium is it’s absolutely essential to how the body functions. But if you’re a little lax with your diet, you could be messing with your magnesium levels which affects overall health and wellbeing, according to this Harvard Medical School report.

While Harvard isn’t against supplements as such, the report says it’s best to get your fix from the food you eat. Foods like fresh spinach, almonds, kidney bean and potatoes are all packed with more than enough magnesium to ensure you meet your recommended consumption.

Just to be clear peeps, we’re not about minimising mental health issues. If you need treatment and support, reach out and get help.

If you’re feeling anxious and would like to talk to someone about anxiety relief – wherever you are in New Zealand – you can phone Anxiety New Zealand’s free 24 hour Helpline: 0800 ANXIETY (0800 269 4389).