‘Slim thick’ is the latest body craze… and #nope


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‘Slim Thick’ is the latest impossible-to-achieve body shape being touted as desirable — and it’s both marginalising to women with slim frames and curvy figures. Ay yi yi.

It’s a tough call when yet another ‘ideal’ body shape hits the media. There are two options: ignore or take a look at what exactly is being touted as the latest shape du jour.

While ignoring is an option, we’re more in favour of taking an honest look at what we’re being told is now the body shape we have to have.

The latest to hit social media is a shape known as ‘Slim Thick’ – which, if you’re a Kardashian fan, you’re probs well aware of.

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What is a Slim Thick figure?

On the surface, the definition appears to support curves. Womanly, toned thighs and a bootylicious behind are markers of the slim thick shape. But, to be considered properly slim thick, hips have to be slim, and stomachs need to be flat, and very much sculpted. Near impossible, right?

Obviously, to qualify as ‘slim thick’ you’d have to be relatively healthy, which is always a good thing, but the proportions of this definition aren’t so easy to achieve. At. All.

While diet and training definitely play a part, in reality, achieving this shape means people probably have to utilise waist trainers and/or surgery.

The Kardashian clan haven’t shied away from using waist trainers; I mean, they proudly show them off on Insta like they’re a fashion accessory. They’re also famously rumoured to have had surgery to achieve their sculpted figures.

The trend has some traction on social media, but outside of that there’s been little coverage which suggests for the most part, it’s not really being taken seriously. (And thank god for that!)

We hope this means that women and girls are too busy putting their energy into just being their beautiful selves, no matter what their shape or size is.

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