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21 things all girls think when swiping on Tinder

tinder struggles - women scrolling through phone

The struggle is SO real!

1. Your photos are all group shots *swipes left*

Beyonce Gif

2. Stop with the fucking fish photos.

Fish Gif

3. There are two types of people on Tinder: You’re either a ‘moments’ person or you’re not a ‘moments’ person. Judging you.

Lauren Conrad eye roll

4. Is that your baby?

Britney Spears

5. Ew… gym mirror selfie.

disaster (1)

6. Lots of girls in your photos = Playa.

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7. No mutual friends *swipes left*

taylor swift drops iphone


8. You’ve got lots of Instagram followers *swipes right*

cute guy alert

9. We have [insert favourite alcoholic drink here] in common *swipes right*

emma stone excited

10. We have [insert reality show here] in common *swipes left*

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11. Put the magnum of Moet away champ, unless the bottles in my hand, you’re not impressing anyone.


12. People say there’s plenty of fish in the sea but the quality on Tinder is more like a shallow pond.

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13. Your female friends look trashy *swipes left*

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14. I don’t want a boyfriend who surfs. It requires too much commitment *swipes left*


15. You look familiar… have we hooked up before or did we go to high school together?


16. It’s the cute guy from the [insert place you regularly go to here]!

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17. Eeeek your face isn’t very pretty but… bag the face, bang the body???


18. You’re hot and I meant to swipe right but I swiped left and now you’re gone! Nooooooooo!

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19. We know each other and I only swiped right to see if you’d swiped right and we just matched so you obvs swiped right too…

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20. You could be hot IRL or you could be ugly. Not worth the risk *swipes left*

beyonce to the left

21. I’m so much better than this.

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