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Girl Talk with influencer and young super InstaMum Abby Plested

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Grab a cuppa, find a comfy spot, turn the sound on and enjoy watching our first episode of Girl Talk with Abby Plested.

Whether you’re a loyal reader of Miss FQ or a first timer to our corner of the web, chances are you haven’t heard of Girl Talk before, and I’m not referring to the DJ. I mean, you shouldn’t have heard of this series because it’s new. So hi, yo, what’s up, welcome 👋 let’s chat about what Girl Talk is for a quick min, but first of all let me give you some background to the babe in the video…

Few people can walk into a room and command attention like Abby Plested. Not in an ‘it’s all about me’ kind of way, but more of a ‘who’s that girl’ kind of way – you know, the manner we all wish we conducted ourselves in but one few can achieve.

I first met Abby at primary school when she was just a wee pretty thing with mousey brown hair and piercing blue eyes, before we later reconnected via Instagram, and again when she married my best friend’s brother almost two years ago.

This mum of two has an infectious smile that can calm a crying baby (but TBH Goldie rarely seems to cry as far as I’ve seen), a presence which is all inviting, an Instagram that many consider #goals and an aura which is warm and beautifully authentic. I really could go on and on so it’s hardly surprising that I asked Abby to be our first guest in Miss FQ’s new video series, Girl Talk. She honestly embodies everything I dreamed this new series would be about.

The idea behind Girl Talk is to chat about the realities of the subject’s (in this case, Abby’s) life. They might be popular on Instagram – Abby has over 15,000 followers – well known in their industry or an all-round It girl, but whatever the case, I’m just going to sit down with them in the comfort of their own homes to chat about the realities of social media, how people perceive them and what their best advice is to other chicks. It’s real talk for you, girls and I hope you get something new, positive and empowering from it.

We’ll be dropping a couple more videos with Abby over the next week (think fashion and beauty) so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for the links!

With that all said, enjoy the first episode of Girl Talk. Remember to keep it real and as Abby would say, know your truth.

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Words: Skye Ross
Video: Georgia Bramley