Girl you need to know: Miss FQ’s new intern Ashleigh Ilton

Thanks to Holden Spark

Last month we put the call out with Holden Spark to find our perfect Miss FQ intern. We were flooded with interest from you, our loyal, intelligent, passionate and devoted readers but there could only be one winner!

Introducing 21-year-old Aucklander, Ashleigh Ilton – a smart and bubbly millennial girl.

Each week, Ashleigh will be checking in with a video diary to let you know what amazing things she’s been up to, gaining work experience behind the scenes at Miss FQ HQ and helping out as we put together our next issue, on sale May 22. She’ll also be regularly taking over our Instagram stories and writing for too, so keep an eye out for her posts! We know you’re going to love her.

Instagram handle: @ashleighjana

What’s your story?

My story, gosh, where do I begin?! I grew up in Hamilton but moved to Auckland for university four years ago. Can officially say I’ve converted to full blown Aucklander, definitely not afraid to use my car horn anymore! I studied Communications majoring in Advertising Creativity at AUT, where I discovered my love for media and fashion. For the past two years, I have worked in the most dreamy shoe boutique, Mr W & Me in Ponsonby Central. The shoes are heavenly! My obsession is a touch out of control. I have a whole cupboard designated for shoes that don’t fit in my bedroom eep!

Why did you decide to apply for the internship, thanks to Holden Spark? And what do you attribute to your success as being the chosen one?

I fell in love with the first issue of Miss FQ and have been a religious reader of Fashion Quarterly since forever, so when I saw they were on the hunt for an intern I leapt at the opportunity! I was quiet nervous about applying as I’ve always wanted to work at a fashion magazine (sounds cliché I know). Ever since I was gifted the Teen Vogue Handbook for Christmas one year, I knew it was what I wanted to do. And oh my gosh, have you seen the Holden Spark car? So cute! I can’t wait to whizz around in the little beauty. One thing I think really helped me get this magical internship, was being myself from the very start. Don’t give yourself two jobs; just be you, goofy parts and all.

Why do you think the Holden Spark is the perfect car for the Miss FQ intern?

Miss FQ is all about the latest trends and being ahead of the game, so it makes perfect sense to drive the greatest accessory of all: the new and improved, Holden Spark. It’s the perfect set of wheels for any millennial gal.

This sporty little number has zippy acceleration, ideal for getting from A to B in no time at all. Along with the Holden Spark‘s ability to jet around Auckland City, its small but nifty design will allow the intern to park practically anywhere. The inbuilt reversing camera will be her best friend, especially with those abandoned parks no SUV can fit into.

Have 1 million errands to run? No problem. Pop down the back seats and hope that you are good at Tetris, this baby has a spacious interior. We all know millennials love their techy gadgets, and Holden has definitely delivered! The Spark can sync your phone to the car display allowing you to keep in touch with Miss FQ HQ at all times, and still keep your eyes on the road.

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What are you most looking forward to achieving or experiencing as Miss FQ’s intern?

First, I am beyond excited to be able to contribute to the online content and help to create the upcoming Miss FQ issue. Secondly, being able to meet such influential people in the fashion world like Fashion Quarterly Editor Sally-Ann Mullin is every girl’s dream! The part I am looking forward to most is having Skye Ross as a mentor. Being able to learn the ins and outs of the magazine world from the best is more than I could ask for 😊

What expectations do you have for your time at Miss FQ HQ? Do you think it will be like The Devil Wears Prada? Or are you hoping it’s more like Lauren Conrad’s internship at Teen Vogue that aired on The Hills?

I’m hoping for a bit of both! Lauren wears Prada perhaps? Just like Andy, I hope to develop my own personal style, but I’m sure Skye will be a bit more, eeerm, friendly (?) than Miranda Priestly! As for Lauren, I hope to be exposed to the inner workings of a magazine and be a part of the process behind the final product, just as she did.

How do you think this incredible opportunity will put you in good stead for achieving your career goals?

This unbelievable opportunity will teach me all the skills a techy, young mag gal needs to know to succeed and will give me great exposure to the best and most influential people in industry. Watch this space!

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Miss FQ’s tagline is ‘For Millennials, By Millennials’. What does being a millennial mean to you?

As a millennial gal, I expect every day to be different. Social media is our main form of communication with the outside world.  I love how we can all share visual moments with friends on Instagram and still keep up to date with family overseas on Facebook. This also means the ‘ WTF, why did I do that’ moments can end up online, but hey, we’re all human and it’ll be old news tomorrow! One thing I’ve learnt in my 21 years is that you’ve gotta laugh at yourself – nobody is perfect! For millennials by millennials is a great tagline, as we are the ones who are creating the future for tomorrow.

What do you love about Miss FQ?

I love that Miss FQ celebrates beauty in it’s purest form. Everything is as you see it, real images, real experiences, and real people. Being a busy yo-pro (young professional) can be tough! Miss FQ is like a wise older sister, there to help you out with tips, tricks and hacks, to make life a lil’ easier and a heap more fun (re: Guide to Wine from the first issue)!

List 10 words that best describe you…

  • Quirky (would rather be weird than boring!)
  • Ambitious (#GirlBoss)
  • Honest (If it ain’t gon work, it ain’t gon work, I’ll be real)
  • Reliable
  • Adventurous (Give everything a go at least once = life motto)
  • Hard-working
  • Passionate
  • Hungry (love a good Taco… but mainly for success 😜)
  • Open-minded (I think you need to be in this crazy world)
  • Caring (Gotta be there for ya gals! Whether it’s a deadline or broken heart *naw*)

Sashimi rollin’ they hatin’ 🍣

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Describe your sense of style…

Hmm, this is a difficult one as my style changes depending on my mood! Two words that do come to mind are feminine and 50-shades-of-beige! I am really loving nude and blush tones with my skin/hair colour ATM. I’m big on statement pieces whether it’s jewellery or a jumpsuit. Love a good jumpsuit!

I’m super passionate about supporting local designers. I find there is so much made overseas these days and so much talent here in NZ. I try my best to buy locally designed or made items 😊

Favourite clothing stores/designers:

I love one-off and limited edition pieces! One of my all time favourite stores is Wixii. They are based in Matakana and make the most luxurious linen, cashmere, and silk garments, so beautiful! Also, Sibed Jewels! It’s rare to catch me without a pair of their earrings, such gems!

What are you passionate about?

Aside from fashion and beauty, I am crazy about food! Fun fact about me, I’m FODMAP intolerant, making me ‘allergic to the world’ as my friends would say, so buying local and organic food has become a must in my life. Helping to save the planet from nasty CO2 emissions and global warming is something I firmly believe in! Complete nerd out moment there haha 😛 #savetheworld

Who, in your eyes, is the ultimate #girlboss, and why?

Mercy Brewer, the 57-year-old model from Lonely Lingerie’s new campaign is the ultimate #GirlBoss in my eyes. She is an inspiration as she challenges beauty standards, proving your age and your flaws are what make you beautiful, and should be celebrated!

I think it’s important to accept all parts of yourself and acknowledge your own beauty. I struggled with my red hair growing up, but now, my hair is now my favourite feature and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. This is another reason I am so excited to intern for Miss FQ. I’m proud and so humbled to be chosen to join a team that encouraged individuality and uniqueness!

Stay tuned for my intern adventures!

Your gal,
Ash x