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Girl(s) you need to know: Your Influencer Awards Travel finalists

By now you’ll know all about the Miss FQ Colgate Optic White Influencer Awards, and while voting has closed, the VIP party on October 4th revealing the amazing winners is just around the corner! But before then, we want to introduce the top Kiwi bloggers, vloggers and ’grammers killing it online as chosen by you! Here are your favourite influencers in the Travel category brought to you by Colgate Optic White:

Ayeesha Taylor | @ayeeshataylor

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This Kiwi jetsetter lives life to the beat of her own drum. Ayeesha Taylor has been exploring the streets of all the places you’d rather be, all while inspiring her followers to be independent and achieve their goals no matter what life throws their way. Brought to the nation’s attention earlier this year when her boyfriend, James Rolleston, the star of Boy and The Dark Horse, was involved in a life-threatening car accident, Ayeesha Taylor shone light on her amazing and compassionate qualities when thanking her followers on her journey. Her courage, bubbly and intrepid spirit is exactly what your daily mantra needs.

Carmen Huter  | @carmenhuter

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With glowingly intense nominations only surpassed by the quality of her travel photography, Carmen Huter inspires her followers to get out every day and explore. “Her positivity is infectious and her honest words really resonate with me. She is hands down one of the coolest, most genuine people on Instagram,” reads one nomination. This awe-inspiring super-talented photographer turned adventurer turned Influencer has landed herself more than 62k followers on Instagram and has had work published in the Daily Mail and National Geographic. Dedicated to remaining authentic and encouraging others to care for the environment (just look at her images, you’ll totes understand why!), Carmen Huter has seriously hustled herself some fervent fans along the way, making her one cool contender.

Hayley Elder | @travelinyourtwenties

You can try to imagine all of the whimsical travel destinations of your wildest daydreams or you can visit @travelinyourtwenties and realise that Hayley Elder has probably already been there, ‘grammed that. Sparked by a decision to travel from here on out on the morning of her 20th birthday, Hayley has been forging her own path across the globe and chasing the dream. Having realised how common the uncertainty many of her friends were facing when it came to pursuing more study or landing on a career, Hayley turned to her ‘gram to inspire and enlighten people of the many positive experiences and life lessons there are in travel while you figure it all out. “Her clear passion for travel and dedication to inspire and help people to travel, live their dreams and explore the world (and themselves) is exciting!” says a fan of Elder – we agree!

Courtney Tyler | @courts_tyler

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Courtney became something of an accidental travel blogger two years ago after deciding to document a trip to Europe on Instagram for her friends and family to follow. Her wanderlust-worthy adventures and crisp grid aesthetic quickly caught the attention of a wider social network whose vacations now exist vicariously through the well-travelled 26-year-old. From the sun-drenched beaches of Tulum to the hot air balloon-filled skies of Turkey, and home again. “I’m obsessed with Courtney’s ’gram! I get so much FOMO looking at her feed but it offers such a beautiful window to the world and Courtney always comes across so grateful for her situation that I can’t help but keep on coming back for more,” reads one nomination she received.

Stephanie Lai |

Chasing cities and endless vibrant treats along the way, Stephanie Lai reminds us to get out more and throw ourselves into adventures that make us forget to check our phones. Whether it be mastering severely sketchy rock ridges or relishing in the moment (aka hot springs), Stephanie has hit a sweet spot with her 23k followers with beautifully curated travel pics and uncannily accurate captions that’ll have you thinking she can read your mind (in a good way, promise!).

Remember to check in to on October 4th to find out who you chose as New Zealand’s top influencers and read all about the winners in our beautiful new issue of Miss FQ, on sale October 9th!