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Girl(s) you need to know: Your Influencer Awards Up & Comer finalists

By now you’ll know all about the Miss FQ Colgate Optic White Influencer Awards, and while voting has closed, the VIP party on October 4th revealing the amazing winners is just around the corner! But before then, we want to introduce the top Kiwi bloggers, vloggers and ’grammers killing it online as chosen by you! Here are your favourite influencers in the Up and Comer category brought to you by Colgate Optic White:

Alli Gower | @eatcleanwithali

Alli is an honest gal out there improving her life one clean meal at a time. What started out as a private initiative to keep herself accountable for her weight loss, her Instagram’s vibrant aesthetic and fuel for life quickly gained momentum causing hundreds of followers to flock to her for inspiration. With more than 3,000 followers in the bank, Alli is challenging the perception that it’s impossible to eat well on a student budget, and encourages followers to pursue a healthy lifestyle that requires patience and courage. With a quick scroll of her comment threads, it’s clear to see Alli is having a positive impact on her squad.

Gemma Barrett | @gemmabarrettmua

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With so many makeup products on the market and some hefty price tags to match, it’s a bit of a maze out there when it comes to investing in products or simply achieving your desired look. How do you know where to start, you ask? Enter Gemma Barrett. Featuring products she wholeheartedly backs, and creating some kick-ass looks with her crazy-talented application skills, Gemma is dedicated to taking the guesswork out of beauty for her followers. This up and comer is undoubtedly one of the better kept secrets in the beauty-grammer community but we have a feeling she won’t be a secret for long…

Hannah Carson | @hanniecarson

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So it isn’t just us who is bewildered by Hannah Carson’s beautiful soul and style – you guys think so too! One fan says: “Hannah is so sweet and genuine in her approach to being a beauty influencer. She has a natural beauty and honesty to her. You know that if she recommends something that she genuinely loves it! She is also super transparent when working with brands which as a loyal follower I totally appreciate!” Well, that pretty much sums it up. Need we say more?

Ash Owens | @ashowens

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This bright and talented up and comer is in the business of positive influencing. Not only does Ash Owens encourage her followers to be the very best versions of themselves, pursue their dreams, and make the most of life, but also balances her reviews of products with conversations on relatable everyday issues that come with being a millennial (oh, the joys). Ash puts her relationship with her followers first, and has been described by a nomination as “a well-educated, driven, passionate blogger and influencer who goes to all ends to be the best influencer she can be” and “a great role model for her peers and other girls her age.” (Sigh), the things we’d do to have this girl on speed dial!

Angela Pan |@panapetite

This pint-sized beauty has taken to the ‘gram to showcase her talents in petite-styling and her eye for fashion and travel. Angela’s diverse photography makes for lush viewing, while the passion and tireless hours behind it clearly resonates with her followers. “She moves and inspires people in a way to realise their ambitions and chase their dreams just as she did,” said one nomination. Her account’s only just turned one and already exceeded the 5,000 follower milestone. A little – or should we say, petite – bird tells us this is just the beginning for up and comer finalist Angela Pan.

Remember to check in to on October 4th to find out who you chose as New Zealand’s top influencers and read all about the winners in our beautiful new issue of Miss FQ, on sale October 9th!