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IKEA is coming to New Zealand and we’ve never wanted to be homeowners more

Just when you thought you couldn’t be more excited about kissing goodbye to 2018, IKEA just announced they’re coming to New Zealand in the New Year.

The furniture and homeware accessories brand heralding from Sweden is internationally recognised for its trendy designs and affordability. And if you’re not acquainted with the retail giant, think Kmart – but better.

“We are happy to meet the wish from many people for IKEA to open in New Zealand and we aim to make IKEA fully accessible, including stores and e-commerce. We see this as a long-term commitment and investment in New Zealand, building relationships with customers, suppliers and future co-workers,” says Ingka Group retail operations manager Tolga Öncü in a press release.

When is IKEA launching in New Zealand?

A date hasn’t been announced, however, Ingka Group — the retailer behind IKEA stores globally — has confirmed that it will share more information on their future operations from the beginning of 2019.

IKEA’s range extends to every room in the house, including the bathroom, living room, kitchen, outdoor, bedroom, dining, children’s, and home office spaces. From cabinetry and doorknobs to gas hobs and refrigerators, right down candle holders, notebooks, mirrors and cable accessories, IKEA has a stylish solution to every need known to humankind within the perimeters of the home.

And let’s just say, with the prospect of IKEA on our doorstep, we’ve never been more motivated to rustle up that home deposit to decorate our homes to unprecedented levels of chic on the cheap.

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