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Girl Talk with Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso

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Miss FQ exclusively caught up with Kirsty Godso when she was back from the Big Apple

In case you missed our first episode with Abby Plested, Girl Talk is our new video series where Miss FQ interviews It girls (in this case, Kirsty Godso) about their life. They might be popular on Instagram – Kirsty has over 121,000 followers – or well known in their industry, but whatever the case, the aim is to sit down with them in the comfort of their own home to chat about the realities of social media, how people perceive them and what their best advice is to other chicks.

Kirsty’s approach to social media and her career is refreshingly honest. She’s all about the real talk and we hope you get something new, positive and empowering from this interview.

We’ll be dropping a couple more videos with Kirsty over the next week (think fashion, beauty and a Nike Training Club app workout, obvs) so stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for the links!

PS: We interviewed Kirsty once before, where we asked her about her role at Nike, her training schedule and her healthy snack recommendation. Check it out!

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Words: Skye Ross
Video: Georgia Bramley