New survey reveals everything you ‘should’ achieve by 32

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Thirty, flirty and thriving?

A new study by Privilege Home Insurance has been released that reveals the milestones you ‘should’ reach, by 32. Whelp!

A group of 2,000 people were surveyed on their life goals and when they hope to achieve them. The craziest part? 2/5 people said they would be disappointed in themselves if they didn’t reach their personal targets. Prepare yo’selves ladies, these stats will shock and rock you.

Results concluded the following should be ticked off:

  1. Have met ‘the one’
  2. Bought your first home
  3. Had a child
  4. Reached your target salary
  5. Met your savings goals
  6. And be able to afford at least two holidays a year.

To be honest, we reckon that if you hit half of them by 45 your life is lookin’ pretty damn great.

But hey, here are some fun facts that may brighten your day a touch (defo decreased our level of panic). Throughout New Zealand, only 43% of 30-39 years olds own their own homes, and this number is steadily decreasing – yay but also nay. It also turns out that the most common age for NZ women to have children, is 34, giving us an extra two years *wipes sweat off brows*

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While this list is #goals and S/O to all those who achieve it, there should be no pressure to tick all of these milestones off. Quite frankly, it’s near impossible. This is why it’s so great to live in 2019; life has no timeline. We’ve started to take all kinds of opportunities and not structure our lives around the path we think we should be on. Spice it up, life’s fun when you’re striving for something!

Much like Jenna Rink in (the greatest film to ever have graced the screens) 13 Going on 30, your thirties are about thriving not surviving.

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