Hashtag how to: Keep your online profile profesh


Online etiquette is ever-changing, and the wrong move can land you 
in social media Siberia. So how do you keep your accounts in order when job hunting? Jessica-Belle Greer explains.

Facey has been around for more than a decade now, and all of us have photos and posts that date back to days of poor decision-making. But if you don’t want a future employer to throw your CV on the slush pile, start culling now. Remember that time you snuck out to a party or shared how much you hate your maths teacher? No, we don’t either.

Particularly if you work in the creative industries, Instagram can be a great tool for giving potential employers or collaborators a sense of who you are and whether you’d be a good fit for them. But remember that many companies these days consider their employees extensions of their brand, so anything remotely NSFW isn’t going to make you look a safe bet.

Everything on Snapchat can be screenshotted and shared around, so if you wouldn’t want your post to go public, think twice before pulling the trigger.

We love a good celeb Twitter rant. But if you’re commenting on a controversial issue, consider what all the reactions might be and weigh up if the potential fallout is worth it.

Words: Jessica-Belle Greer
Photo: Getty Images