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Forget men with beards, according to science guys who play guitars are sexier


Science has done it again!

Studies have shown that guys who play the guitar pull our heart strings more so than those who do not.

Whether you think it takes science to figure that out isn’t important. However, what is important is that three science experiments have proven women are more likely to be attracted to a man who fits this musically-inclined category.

A study done in Israel analysed 50 women and discovered that women were three times more likely to befriend a guy on Facebook if he had a guitar in his profile pic (pftt, as if!)

The Psychology of Music reported on an experiment which had a hot AF 20-year-old male approach 300 women on the street with the same pick-up line in hopes of securing a date. 31% of women gave their number when he had a guitar in hand in comparison to only 14% when he did not have one.

An offside test showed that when the guy was carrying a sports bag, only a handful (9%) of women gave their number to him – possibly an indication that we’d rather stand in the concert crowd than sit in the grandstands? Hmmm.

Another report, this time from Pacific Standard, did an investigation into ‘The Mating Advantage of Male Musicians,’ which revealed women see emotional and intellectual depth in guitar playing guys who get their jam on.

*Instantly regrets breaking up with that guy in high school who played three songs on the guitar*

Although these studies are based on science, we should probably keep in mind that it’s not 100% certain whether the women giving their numbers out, or those who were accepting guitar guy friend requests were after long or short-term relationships.

At the end of the day, you do you, girl.

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