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How to get over being dumped like a #boss

Ain’t nobody got time for that

“It’s not you, it’s me”… damn right it’s not me, you think to yourself when the man you thought was ‘the one’ breaks up with you.

The confusion, the anger, the pain and then the reality hits, you’re forced to channel your inner Elle Woods and tackle unexpected heartbreak.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom as we’ve all been there and can promise that in the end, the guy you thought was #perfect, turns out to be just another frog you had to kiss in order to find your prince… well, at least that’s what my mother kept reminding me when I was in those post break up shoes.

Anyway, we’re here to advise you on how to tackle one of the worst and most inconvenient things that life could throw and come out on top regardless, like the #boss you are.

Here’s how:

  1. Block or unfriend him on social media
    Say #boybye on Insta, FB and Snapchat. Any social media stalking will likely result in you watching his story 100+ times or wondering who the girl half cropped out the pic in the distant background is. You do NOT need this in your life right now, or ever. By eliminating potential pain and hurt, as well as him constantly wondering what you’re up to, it’s a win/win.
  2. Cry it out
    Get your Drake on. Cry when you need to and own that emotion. You gotta do what you gotta do and no-one is better than Drake to get you through.
  3. Watch break up movies
    John Tucker Must Die, (500) Days of Summer and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are just a few of many break up flicks to snuggle up to. By doing so, you’ll be reminded of the not so pretty things you probably encountered during your relationship and remember how it wasn’t always dreamy. Add a block (or three) of chocolate and get on that road to recovery.
  4. Do not, I repeat, do not drunk dial him
    Either throw your phone in the ocean, or turn it off for the night when out sipping that rosé with your GFs. Trust us when we say you will have dialer’s remorse the next day.
  5. Do something for yourself
    Break ups are the perfect time for you to go to K-Mart and blow your life savings on homeware. Paint your room, redecorate or join a class. Whatever it is, you deserve some #metime.
  6. Do not scheme to get him back
    Whether it’s making up stories to see him or conveniently bumping into him at the gym, scheming for his attention will not satisfy you if you end up having it. These low-key excuses will only set you back and girl, you deserve more than that.
  7. Workout
    Burn off those calories from number 3 and get a good work out in your day if you can. Headphones in, music up, let it all gooooo AND get that revenge bod while your at it.
  8. Rebound with an absolute 10
    Boosting your ego and getting back in the game with a rebound can actually help you get back some lost confidence from a break up. Reminding yourself how much of a babe you are won’t hurt like the void he left now will it?
Words: Maxine Fourie
Image: Getty Images