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Rent-a-relationship is the latest dating trend – and we kinda get it

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PDAs are totally allowed.

We live in an age where technology has blessed us with myriad ways we can get with someone. Hooking up is as simple as swiping right – but hanging out, well, it’s complicated.

However, there’s been a shift in the dating world recently and a new trend is emerging. According to reports, it’s the best of both worlds – a kind of sex-with-romance deal but with no strings attached.

The one-date-stand, as it has been dubbed, is the perfect inbetweener if you’re slightly sick of one night stands but can’t get behind a fully committed relationship RN.

The idea is you want to spend a bit of time getting to know the person, either before or after, and affection is part of the deal.

In effect, you get the benefits of coupling up, without the actual intensity of a relationship.

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It’s sort of like a try-before-you-buy deal where you can get both your emotional and physical needs met.

Of course, the rent-a-relationship sitch only works if you and whoever you’re hanging with are clear about what’s going on. Being intimate brings its own rewards obvs, but you want to make sure you’re both on the same page in terms of what the deal is between you.

We’re all for having fun – and in our convenience-obsessed world this sweet set-up does sound kinda cool, especially if a casual fling is your thing.

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