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You’re probably still single because you’re too attractive, study says

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Hot or not?

Next time you’re on Instagram and you find yourself 125 weeks deep in What’s-his-name’s profile, dreaming about what could have been if he didn’t ghost you, consider that it might be because you’re too babein’.

According to a new Harvard University study, the reason you’re unlucky in love could be because you’re simply too attractive.

This totes legit study proves that the elite and beautiful specimens of the world, don’t actually have the best love lives. Not saying everyone with the bone structure of Kate Moss is doomed in love, but it is giving us average looking humans a bit more hope.

That fugly pimple on your chin may just help you find the prince charming of your dreams. Who knew?!


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Director of the study, Christine Ma-Kellams noted that “attractiveness gives you more options in terms of relationship alternatives, which might make it harder to protect a relationship from outside threats. In this sense, having too many other choices is likely not beneficial for relationship longevity.”

Basically she’s saying more attractive people have the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ mentality, that they’re constantly on the hunt for something better and someone more beautiful. Commitment is not high on their list of priorities in a relationship, resulting in their struggle to maintain long-term love. Eeek!

Surely that’s a bit of a gross generalization though, right?

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We’re a little unsure about this one, you guys. We think that as long as you find someone who respects and treats you well, looks and beauty shouldn’t matter.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

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