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15 ways to treat yo’self this Valentine’s Day

‘Cause girl, you don’t need no man (or lady) to feel completely satisfied this Valentine’s Day.

Being single is equally a blessing and a curse, and being in a relationship isn’t a right – it’s a privilege (well, the good ones are anyway). Instead of dwelling on your singleton-ness, why not embrace it by doing all the damn things you love? Just imagine it:  wasting away hours in absolute bliss with absolutely no judgement from anyone else. Sounds pretty cushy right?

Okay, so here’s how your BEST Valentine’s Day/evening/weekend is going to go:

1. Make yourself breakfast and then eat it in bed.

2. Buy yourself flowers because you’ll always get the order right.

3. Sit back, relax and apply a sheet mask…

4. Binge watch all of the SKY Movies Valentines films, like The Notebook.

A classic…

5. And Dear John.

6. Oh, and P.S. I Love You.

7. Then (while you cry during the aforementioned movies) do an Elle Woods and taste all of the chocolates from the box because you’re single and you don’t have to share with nobody.

8. And when you see your ex’s new girlfriend post a loved up ‘gram about how happy they are, feel free to do this.

9. Watch another movie. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason will make you feel waaay better. LOLs are guaranteed.

10. And while you’re at it, pop a bottle because champagne is always a good answer.

11. For dinner, order takeaways. Knock knock, UberEats. 

12. And while you wait for it to arrive, go on a shopping spree at ASOS. 

13. *Fills up cart with $1347 worth of online shopping*

14. *Shuts window immediately because, #broke*

15. Is that the doorbell? Pizza’s here! Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.



Words: Skye Ross
Photos: GIPHY