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This Uber driver’s Twitter story about how she discovered her boyfriend’s side chick is *crazy*


This is hectic

Remember when this Girl’s Twitter story of her trying to hook up with her Uber driver went viral? This is like that, in the sense that the story lives on Twitter and involves Uber, but instead of love, it’s a shocking story of cheating.

Stay with us, it’s good – we promise!

A woman who has given herself the name #UberBae, but tweets as @Msixelaa, told the internet her story about how she was trying to make some side cash through Uber, but discovered her boyf had a side chick.


It’s literally as gripping as the hookup one, so make yourself a cuppa and sit down for Twitter story time.

It begins like this…

Like, okay give us the deets. We’re listening.

Then she goes to work…

That’s nice but WTF is going on here?




Tell us about the luggage though.

Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Happy Uber after!