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10 ways Sex and the City will make you feel better about being single on Valentine’s Day

Stressing about a single Valentine’s Day? Don’t.

If cupid’s bow hasn’t hit you this Valentine’s Day, we’re about to hit you with something way better: 10 ways that Sex and the City will remind you that today, no boyfriend or girlfriend, also means no problem. And once you’re done scrolling all of the oh-so-relatable gifs below, indulge in a movie (or three) that’s practically made for Galentine’s Day for the ultimate act of self-care. You do you, girl.

1. Valentine’s Day has rolled around again and you’re feeling like this:

2. But just remember, even if you’re involuntarily single, finding the one is harder than it seems and you’re definately not alone.

3. Not to mention congrats — if you aren’t pulling a Carrie and crawling back to your ex…

4. ‘Cause putting yourself first is actually a thing and we’re big fans.

5. Believe it or not, you don’t need anyone else to appreciate yourself.

6. Plus, when you’re in a relationship, you hear this one too many times (are we right?):

7. And then there’s always the fear of this:

8. Oh, and lucky you.  You’re also not going to have to deal with this one anytime soon:

7. Did we mention, dating can be, er, weird?

8. And hey, at least you don’t have to ask this question:

9. Plus, today won’t be spent getting left at the alter. #Bonus

10. So count your blessings for singledom and celebrate the day of love with your Galentines.

Words: Maxine Fourie
Images: GIPHY