5 minutes with Marc Moore of Stolen Girlfriends Club

Marc Moore

Marc Moore’s Stolen Girlfriends Club has been a NZFW schedule highlight for almost a decade.

This year he’s changing it up, and bringing in LA-based Kiwi stylists Seb Mcgirr Hunt and Dylan Richards (you know, Kim and Kanye’s go-to guys – totally casual) to help style tonight’s SGC show. We wanted to know more…

FQ: What are you most looking forward to at NZ Fashion Week?
Marc Moore: Seeing all our buyers and meeting all the international delegates – always nice to meet people from other countries, oh and our after-party!

What can we look forward to from the Stolen Girlfriends Club show?

Describe your inspiration for the show in five words or less.
I read Kurt Cobain’s diary.

We hear you’ve brought in Kim and Kanye’s stylists Sebastian and Dylan to help style your show – how did that come about?
They’ve been using our garments in their shoots for years – since they were kids pretty much! So I guess it was only a matter of time before we worked together on a show.

So what’s the deal – have they had complete creative freedom to reinterpret the collection or was it a totally collaborative effort?
It’s been very collaborative which I like. They have a great eye and bring different ideas to the table which is what we needed. And most importantly, they love to make girls look like bosses (which I love!)

Did you veto anything?
Just the leather g-strings and muzzles on the male models 😂 JK LOL.

Any surprises tucked up your sleeve?

Do you and the team have any pre-show rituals?
Other than a team-briefing, we don’t really have any rituals.

This isn’t your first rodeo. Do you have any fashion week survival tips?
Don’t sweat the small stuff, learn to be flexible and think on your feet – it’s all about problem solving. Oh, and communicate as clearly as you can so everyone understands what you want.

How will you unwind once the show is over?
I’ll probably catch a cold and stay in bed.

* Stolen Girlfriends Club will showcase their upcoming spring collection 9pm tonight at New Zealand Fashion Week. Stay tuned for updates.

Words: Jessica-Belle Greer
Photo: Supplied.