5 style cues we took from Harman Grubisa

Harman Grubisa
FQ’s features editor Lucy Slight breaks down Harman Grubisa’s AW 16 show, to share the five style tricks you need to know:

Harman Grubisa’s AW 16 collection ‘Dakota’ is an ode to the woman who holds her own, say designers Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubisa, who presented their stunning range this evening. The Dakota itself is an historic apartment block on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and has, in its 130 years, been home to a number of iconic leading ladies including Lauren Bacall and Roberta Flack and pieces from the collection have been named accordingly to carry the spirit of the Dakota story.

The collection itself was underpinned by lucid gem tones and chalky pastels and it was one of the most well-styled, sophisticated and refined runway shows I’ve seen all week. So with that in mind, here are five style cues we’ve taken from the Harman Grubisa show that you can look to incorporate into your wardrobe next winter (or even now!)

Harman Grubisa

Wear fur stoles – just not around your neck
Mongolian sheepskin stoles were worn slung over shoulders and belted tight around the waist. It’s warm, it’s chic, and best of all, it’s slimming (who knew fur could do THAT?)

Tuck your hair into your collar
Harman Grubisa were all about the high neckline, a feature that was made even more noticeable by the fact that the models’ long hair was worn tucked right in. I’ll definitely be ditching my mane-taming beanie for this trick next winter.

Puffer jackets can be cool!
Remember back when every weekend you got dressed in your Nike legging and Kathmandu puffer jacket? Well this winter puffer jackets are back, but if you’re taking your cues from Harman Grubisa, they’ve got to be slim-fitting and long-line with zips off-centre. Oh, and there were even some Mongolian sheepskin collars going on. So don’t think mountain wear, think Manhattan-drinking gear.

No makeup makeup isn’t going anywhere
The models at Harman Grubisa were all about that natural look. Strong brows (may require the help of an eyebrow pencil – at least where my sparse brows are concerned), fresh dewy skin and the most stunning apricot sheen on the eyelids. It’s nothing that a little lick of shimmering eyeshadow and some Eight Hour Cream can’t achieve. 5-minute makeup for the win.

Play with contrasting colour palettes
Caramel and baby blue has just become my new favourite colour combination. In fact, caramel with any shade of pastel is getting an A+ from me. Another classic must-try? Dusky pink and light grey marle. It’s sweet without being saccharine and that’s really all anyone can ask for, right?

Harman Grubisa
Harman Grubisa
Harman Grubisa
Harman Grubisa

Words: Lucy Slight
Photos: Holly Burgess