5 things we loved at Jarrad Godman x Servilles

Jarrad Godman x Servilles

Jarrad Godman’s ‘Sidewalk BsAs’ presentation offered a fresh take on a familiar aesthetic. We look back on the things we loved the most…

The inspiration: Not gonna lie, we were sold on Jarrad Godman the moment we heard his collection was based on his experience of meandering, hungover, through the streets of Buenos Aires. He apparently went on a coffee-finding mission and so struck was he by the “disheveled opulence” of his surroundings that the collection was born upon his return. We go on a coffee-finding mission and the most we’ll come home with is two packs of 10 chicken nuggets which we’ll eat, in bed, while watching Bachelor in Paradise.

The vibe: With the likes of Zambesi and Nom D noticeably absent from the NZFW schedule this year, it was great to see this newcomer flying the flag for the avant garde aesthetic that the local fashion industry was built upon. We never thought we’d say it but several hours and a fair few jewel-tones down, dark and deconstructed never felt so refreshing.

The ‘beauty’ look: When a designer partners up with a hair expert like Servilles, we expect to see something outstanding. Safe to say, too, that we expect it to involve hair. Imagine our surprise then, to find that there wasn’t a sleek pony or tousled mane in sight at Jarrad Godman; rather, a range of sculptural headpieces, crafted by the Servilles team out of fabrics used in the collection. We won’t be taking away any grooming tips from this show, but it sure was interesting to watch.

Jarrad Godman x Servilles

The clothes: From cut-out shoulders to exposed backs and bare midriffs, it felt like there was a whole lot of skin on show for a winter collection, but we can’t accuse Jarrad Godman of leaving us cold by any means – it’s more a question of what to reach for to take the edge off, oversized knit or a multi-textured bomber jacket? On that note, it’s an accessory unlikely to make the wearer any warmer, but the designer made a strong case for a thin scarf, knotted at the back of the neck and left to trail down the spine. Pointless when a southerly hits but so much sexier than a snood.

Special mention to: A creepy crawly custom silk print, exaggerated black flares fit for a flamboyant funeral, one hell of a red jumpsuit, and a raw-edged, boucle-style suit such that Karl Lagerfeld might have designed himself after one too many tequilas.

Words: Phoebe Watt
Photos: Jono Parker for NZ Fashion Week