Meet the FQ team: Digital editor Kelly McAuliffe

Kelly McAuliffe

NZFW is upon us and Fashion Quarterly is your all-access pass, bringing you exclusive backstage videos, the very best street style, interviews with top fashion designers and models, runway reviews and beauty breakdowns – 24/7.

Want to meet the team making it happen? Introducing our digital editor Kelly McAuliffe. You can find her @kellyjmcauliffe.

What’s your role at Fashion Quarterly?
I’m the digital editor for our fashion titles at Bauer Media which means I oversee all of the digital touchpoints for Fashion Quarterly, Miss FQ and Simply You – including our websites and, our social media channels, our email newsletters and basically anything we do events-wise that might have any kind of digital component. Digital never sleeps… and quite frankly, nor do I!

What will your focus be at NZFW?
NZFW is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me but super exciting too. We aim to be the most comprehensive resource for the New Zealand fashion-loving audience to find out all the goings on at NZFW – from who was there and what they were wearing, to the inspiration behind each designer’s collection, an insight into what goes on backstage and even little details like what the models are doing to prep their skin (because, #skingoals). We’ll be bringing you exclusive videos, social media coverage and a front row perspective on every show. And of course, you won’t want to miss our extensive street style galleries – we’ll be cherry picking the very best looks each day to share with you.

When did you attend your first NZFW and what’s your standout memory from it?
My first NZFW was in 2005 and I think the very first show I ever attended might have been Cybèle’s Something Wicked This Way Comes collection. I recall standing at the back on my tiptoes trying to peer around someone taller than me to get a view and I can remember the clothes like it was yesterday – the bold yellows, the crisp purples and the nonchalant layering. The runway soundtrack too, has stayed with me all of these years, and is still one of the most epic NZFW playlists to date (Tegan & Sara’s version of ‘Walking with a Ghost’ and Wolfmother’s ‘Dimension’ were both on repeat for years following.)

What for you has been the ultimate NZFW show/collection?
I won’t be forgetting the Zambesi show in 2006 in a hurry; it was held down in a boat shed on the harbour and the models walked haphazardly down a 20m long runway with the Mars Volta blaring; the clothes and beauty look was so rock n roll luxe; INXS was on the front row and to me, it epitomised everything a fashion show should be.

Kelly McAuliffe

What show(s) are you most looking forward to this year?
There’s so much to look forward to this year – but I’m excited to see Maggie Marilyn’s first outing at fashion week and Kate Sylvester always puts on a beautiful and thoughtful show.

What trends are you hoping to see in the AW20 collections? Give me a cool take on a (faux) fur or shearling jacket and I’m all yours.

What’s something that people don’t know about attending NZFW?
Fashion is fun but it’s also a lot of hard work and some very loooong hours goes into telling the story of fashion week to our readers to make it accessible and relatable for everyone. It’s a privilege to get to convey what our best and brightest New Zealand fashion talent has to offer and we take that job very seriously.

What’s your key to the week running smoothly?
I still haven’t worked out that magical answer to getting through Fashion Week without feeling like you’ve done the Tongariro Crossing three times on repeat. But I think aside from trying to get as much sleep as humanly possible, the best survival tips would be to start the day with a filling meal and a strong coffee, bring band-aids, pack snacks (or hide them in a secret corner of the media room) and go into every show with an open mind.

What ensembles will we be seeing you in/what’s your NZFW style?
In my head, I envisage my outfits rivalling my personal street style hero Giovanna Battaglia, but in reality, I’m a jeans + shirt + heels girl and that doesn’t really change… even during NZFW.

Photos: Sam Lee