Meet the FQ team: Fashion stylist Benjamin Alexander

Fashion Quarterly stylist Benjamin Alexander
NZ Fashion Week is here (again) so we thought this was the perfect time to introduce our team – they’ll be working hard behind the scenes, front row and outside the shows to bring you all the coverage from the week’s events.

What’s your role at Fashion Quarterly?
Fashion stylist.

What will your focus be at NZFW?
I’ll be hunting for pieces and looks that would be perfect for summer editorials. I also have a fashion label, Benjamin Alexander, which I’ll be showing at fashion week.

When did you attend your first NZFW and what’s your standout memory from it?
I can’t remember what year it was, but my standout memory of fashion week was having a drink with Grant Fell and Rachael Churchwood the first time I attended.

What for you has been the ultimate NZFW show/collection?
Zambesi did a great show one year where the screens that cordoned off backstage were opened as the show was starting and you could see everything happening backstage.

What show are you most looking forward to this year?
Benjamin Alexander of course.

What trends are you hoping to see in the AW20 collections?
I’m hoping to see more experimental shapes and interesting fabrics. I’d love to see some great suiting.

What’s your key to making the week go smoothly?
A well planned day is a stress free day. Also, hydration is key!

What ensembles will we be seeing you in/what’s your NZFW style?
I’ll probably be dressed rather casual (blue jeans, white tee, blazer), but with an array of jewellery.