Fashion Week

New kids on the block… why we love New Generation designers

New Generation designers

L-R: Mitchell Vincent, Erik-Y Von, AO

One way to keep ahead of the trends is to keep an eye on emerging designers.

Here’s what we adored from three designers that had their debut at Day 2 of NZFW.

Mitchell Vincent
Standout pieces: Outerwear was given the attention it deserves in this collection. A silky khaki bomber for the boys had just enough puff and lightweight windbreakers billowed behind the models. A chic low ‘V’ neckline perfectly played off some of the more relaxed looks, including the odd drop-crotch jogger.

The styling: The first shirt sent down the runway was worn undone with a black top underneath, for a simple layering effect. Most looks had an undone jacket or two paired with pants and simple long sleeve tops, for that ‘I didn’t really try but I actually really did’ outfit you need at NZFW.

Accessories: Mitchell Vincent’s signature beanies were back on the runway as well as some black flat peak caps. The simple shapes match the collection’s sophisticated rebellion vibe. And for the footwear, monotone Chucks ensured the models reached true cool kid status. They’re not called ‘All Stars’ for no reason.

Final note: Mitchell Vincent has shown during Miromoda at NZFW before and you can tell. As he says on his Facebook page: “It’s not my first rodeo.”


Erik-Y Von
Standout pieces: One particular shift dress on the runway burst with colours of red, yellow and blue, while looks with a tamer colour palette were paired with delightful socks in almost under the sun, including teal and mauve.

The beauty look: Double French braids spotted on one model were also seen earlier today on the long-haired male models at Salasai. They say three’s a trend, so we’re just waiting for one more model to rock it again. For make-up, blue was the order of the day with a thick blue line drawn across one male model’s face, while a female model sported an opaque blue eyeliner that we are more likely to try.

The tunes: ALTA’s chilled out track ‘Tell Me’ was the perfect runway soundtrack – enough of a beat for the models but soft enough to make you long for a lazy Sunday in Erik-Y Von’s printed cotton dresses.

Final note: The designer hails from the streert-art city of Melbourne – maybe that’s where he got his inspiration for bold colours and graphic drawings?


Standout pieces: The Monarch dress was a bit of a show stopper. It’s a long sleeved off-the-shoulder and over-the-knee dress with a perfectly placed thick black line at the waist. Who said horizontal stripes had to be unflattering? The white, black and camel stripes in varying thickness were a dream.

The tailoring: The culottes in this show were a feature on their own. With side splits and a skirt detail that tied at the front, they looked like so much fun to wear.

The details: This show was all about simple statements. We loved the Fracture shirt with a linear line down the middle and skivvies with a couple of short and colourful lines on the colour.

Final note: The designer Antoin’e Ogilvie is a North Shore local and we would love to see the white visor worn on the deck of Takapuna Beach Café.

Words: Jessica-Belle Greer
Photos: Michael Ng for NZ Fashion Week