20 thoughts we had during ITZME and Julian Danger

ITZME at NZFW 2015
ITZME and Julian Danger kicked off New Zealand Fashion Week day two with the first onsite show. Between the Mariah Carey beats and some seriously cool pleats, there was a lot of goodness to take in. If you could read minds, here’s what you would have heard swirling around in FQ features editor Lucy Slight’s head from the front row…

  1. Ooh camel and pleats. Two of my favourite things. Love ITZME already.
  2. Forest green pleating! Okay this just gets better. So glad I bought that green handbag last weekend then…
  3. Coco Chanel eat your heart out – black velvet pajamas with white piping!
  4. Are they pyjamas? Either way, I need them. And a cup of tea. How great would a cup of tea be right now…
  5. My. Are those shoes with Kush balls on them? L.O.V.E.
  6. This is nostalgia at its best. It’s like they’ve dipped into the dress up box I never had. How cute are those baby doll dresses?
  7. Okay, so I need to get more adventurous with colour combinations. Baby pink and red is perfection. Emerald green coats with lime green zips: genius.
  8. Faux fur is killer, but checkerboard print faux fur is kind of out of this world. Like Alice in Wonderland, but actually the Queen of Hearts – so #attitude.
  9. Okay Julian Danger time. Is that Mariah Carey ‘Honey’ I can hear?
  10. Oh wow, I’m chair dancing. That’s so not cool. Keep it together, girl.
  11. First look is a light grey marle coat. Gimme, gimme, gimme. That is SO much better that the light grey marle coat I already own.
  12. I love the cape and culottes combo! (Almost as much as I love alliteration).
  13. The model just turned around and she’s wearing pompoms in her ponytail, how cute is that?! Like little bunny tails… (Kudos to Wella stylists Raymond Robinson and Brad Lepper for making this look so chic).
  14. Bianca Jagger eat your heart out – a cream pantsuit! With rose gold buttons! I think I’m drooling. Play it cool.
  15. Hallelujah, Julian Danger have done footwear again!  And sneakers too. Like, totally office appropriate sneakers because they have gold tips and they’re quilted. Must. Have.
  16. More matching sets, this is definitely a trend that’s sticking around. They’re floaty and they’re silky and they look so comfy. I’m sold.
  17. There’s some serious strobing going on with this beauty look. Totally giving myself a high five for strobing my own cheekbones today.
  18. Peach again! Between Julian Danger and twenty-seven names, I’m going to have a lot of peach in my wardrobe next winter. Definitely going to have to stock up on the Napisan.
  19. These are two seriously good collections, totally wearable and so much soft colour. I think I can hear my credit card humming in my handbag.
  20. What an epic finale, must try and capture this for Instagram. *Flicks camera on.* Gah! Selfie mode!Julian Danger at NZFW 2015